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In this trend of fitness both women and men worry about looking a slimmer silhouette often results in trying to eliminate belly and toned abdomen. Let’s see some tips to try to get healthy and fit

The loss of weight should be comprehensive

The first tip is to serve your situation as a whole. If you think you have too much fat in the belly or buttocks, or any other part of your body, localized exercises help tone up, but if you do not adjust your weight to a more suitable for your physical prowess, excesses located they will not go.

In other words, if you practice sport (running, swimming, biking, or any other activity) regularly and adapt your diet usually do not need to devote much time to combat localized fat, because you will lose fat all over your body.

That does not mean you also want to do some specific exercises to tone your abdomen.

Abdominal, Yes! But varied and intelligently

Too many people are obsessed with losing tummy and get to do crunches without control, ignoring the signals of pain or fatigue that sends you its agencies. As always, things are not achieved with nostrums. You will have to arm yourself with a little patience, and techniques vary.

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When you go to do crunches note two things above all?

  • It is very easy to injure your back if you do wrong exercises. Watch your moves. You want to work your abs and not damage your back (you have to keep it straight when doing the classic “crunch”). Find information on online tutorials and if you have discomfort, take as a warning of danger and not as an indicator of progress.
  • Try to do work all your abdominal muscles, not just the rectus abdominis. And that involves varying the exercises, also doing cross to work the oblique muscles and other variations.

Here a list of possible exercises:

  • Classic Crunch:Lying face up on the floor, hands behind your head or chest, legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Contract your abs; lift your shoulders and keeping your back straight rise to no harm. Gently back down and repeat.
  • Bicycle:Lying face up on the floor, knees bent legs to level the pelvis and hands behind your head. About the left leg while keeping your head right stretched. At the same time inclined shoulders to open toward the bent leg. Then the legs and shoulders orientation are inverted, making a slightly faster movement that resembles a pedal.
  • Cross Crunch:Lying face up on the floor, your left leg crossed over your right knee. Slightly raise your right shoulder with your right hand behind your head, and lean left without bending your back. Repeat the exercise alternating sides.

There are many more possible exercises, and I recommend you to learn about them, because you do varied work harder and better your muscles, and diminish your risk of injury.

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Many Sports do work your abs

Returning to the initial logic, it is important to mention that many sports can help you strengthen your abs, especially the most complete, such as swimming or the elliptical. Also some martial arts or gymnastics tend to work quite this body part. In fact, many athletes have a flat stomach and great abs without doing specific exercises.

Before closing, I reiterate my general advice: Before sports, find out about the potential risks to your health, especially if you have a previous illness or a chronic disease, and if you feel discomfort, so before getting injured. Ask doctors or coaches to do the exercises correctly.

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