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If there is something that everyone wants, it is the perfect body; although each person is different stereotype of a perfect body usually fat removal is included. Whether you have to increase or decrease weight, always looking for all kinds of techniques, some common and some very lush, ranging from exercise at home or go to the gym, even some rare natural means or dubious as: pills, drinks or sometimes even injecting substances, which unfortunately does not work or is unknown how the human body react to that effect or consequences left in our body.

For these reasons some real tips that are very important, checked and they are also completely away from unproven experimental methods are needed.

In this article I will give you some simple tips to remove fat from your body, it is important to note that the “remove fat” should be the initial way in order to obtain better health and better physical condition then.

A diet should contain carbohydrates, proteins, and even if not created, fats. And the big question is: Why is fat? Is supposed to be what I want to eliminate, the answer is simple: Fats serve as “isolation” in the human body protecting it from sudden temperature changes, plus they are a major source of energy for our body, provide even more carbohydrates and proteins, imagine a car without bumpers without gasoline … so would the human body without fat.

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So we must find a balanced diet that suits our needs and tastes; including meats (white and red) fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods that contain many chemicals and junk food regularly and fats are implicit within the same foods that contain them, it is not necessary to add more; meat, certain vegetables such as avocados and some nuts such as almonds are high in fat. Then the image of the plate of good food which will be talking in future articles.

Drinking water is absolutely necessary because it manages to remove fat from adipose tissue, which is seen mainly in the abdominal region, arms and buttocks. It is best to 1-2 liters per day or as many as possible. So you know that if you want to shed fat as you drink water

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The exercise is the last but not least important point to burn fat, besides being the most effective! There are many variations of exercises that can be performed. The main thing is not to lose in order to “eliminate fat” therefore the best type of exercise is aerobic which needs full breath, it is based on constant repetitions for extended periods of time such as walking, jogging, running, dancing, cycling etc. The time must exceed 30 minutes and not exceed the time, this due to certain metabolic processes that explain in the future.

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