Running at high temperatures, tricks to improve hydration

improve hydration
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They’re here twenties and thirties degrees, pleasant temperatures but to consider hydration of the corridor. Running with significant sweat more heat to maintain body dual temperature and therefore lose fluid.

Sure you’ve noticed that in winter there just like drinking when you’re running, but now in spring even before leaving to run and we demand rehydrate. Here are some tricks to improve hydration of the corridor.

Hydration begins before jogging

A good hydration throughout the day is the best way to prevent dehydration when we go out to train. It is difficult to talk about amounts, because they depend on the characteristics of each person, type of training, humidity and temperature, but we can say that a basic way during the hour before jogging is ideal ingest 0.5 to 1 liter of water (which is cool but not excessively).

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Like a person slimline and earn fat overnight, a person needs a record to be well hydrated. Therefore, a runner should always keep a bottle near and ensure that water is its majority drink. We must avoid drinks with alcohol and sugars that do not pose as good as the water itself hydration.

Rehydrate when we are running

Here we have two options: take our water bottle or make our train near a source of water. If we are to make a long run of more than half an hour, with high temperatures is almost essential stop for a drink.

If we are to make series, it is a good fit them in a park or track where we have water source nearby and in the breaks we can rehydrate. It is important that during training hydration, gradually do without very long drinks or drinking a large amount in a short time, because then we can take a toll.

Hydration is not only a matter of drink, it is also a matter of having fresh skin therefore is not bad throw us water legs, arms and head to freshen up while we train, because we will need not sweat to regulate body temperature both and water loss will be less. Running in shaded areas or when there is no sun also helps.

Do we need a sports drink? With sports drink we mean a drink with supplement sugars and electrolytes. At first if the training lasts less than an hour and a half and heat is excessive, we not need. If the train is one of those that leaves us sweat marks for salt, then these drinks yes we can help.

Hydration after running

The less time we have to our dehydrated, better body. Therefore, we must start right at the end of training rehydrate. But not drinking two liters of blow, hydration after running can last 2-4 hours and must be done in small doses.

In terms of quantity, when temperatures clench we can say in general that we must drink 0.5 liters per 30 minutes straight. Evidential, depends on the intensity and characteristics of the train, so we say it is a general rule.

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Also a recommendation usually drink a liter of water for every kilo of weight lost (here is the discomfort of weighing yourself before and after, but there are athletes who do to control). Given that the weight you lose at the end of run is mostly water, it is a good estimate intake to one liter per kilo lost.

But not only have to replace lost fluids, but a little more, hence the importance of hydrate well the hours after training. When we are well hydrated, the color of our urine is clear, that is a good indicator of whether those hot days of training we have hydrated or not.

On the other hand, has been the better hydration before and during training, the less dehydration and the need to replenish liquid after. So we give the instructions have to be taken in perspective.

So remember corridor, water is your best friend when temperatures start to rise.Dehydration is a limiting factor in performance and punishes much the body.

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