Running is not the best option to lose fat

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Despite what most people think, running is not the best option to lose fat. It is not even running or any aerobic activity primarily, i.e. Cardio is not the key to lose weight and lose fat in a healthy and efficient way.

The key to losing weight is always in our diet. If we want to lose fat, our diet should be low calorie, and if we also want to keep our muscles, the most ideal is to train hard in the process.

Running fever

Unlike what many think, as we have introduced in this article, running is not the best way to burn fat. There are a number of points that we must consider that even right here, we talked about them on several occasions, including the most important are…

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  • Possible injury to start running: When a person begins to run with the sole purpose of losing weight if you are overweight or obese, runs a serious risk of patellae tendinitis easily, so it is not the most advisable physical activity. It is much better to walk, or walk with slopes and to progressively increase the distance.
  • Increase cardiovascular capacity: Other disadvantages of running to lose fat are to increase cardiovascular capacity, leading to increased resistance from the person concerned. That is, every time we are able to run away, the body being able to spend less energy for the same effort, which means that we spend less and less calories.
  • Effects not seeing results: Another negative point is to lose the desire for physical exercise to see that no results are achieved. While it is true that the first few weeks, sometimes, you get to lose weight (which may be other than fat), when the body adapts, we get stuck easily and sometimes even fatten even more, causing us to stop run and win even more weight than We started.
  • Not knowing regulate and over train: Another mistake is to go running too many days in a week and a high level of effort. Many people go out every day giving almost 100%, which can cause various health problems at both articulate and globally.

Solutions or tips

There are a number of tips or recommendations we want to give from LifeStyleQA and that will help you maintain your health as you continue losing weight and especially fat, healthy, related to running:

  • If you like to run, you can run: First, if you really like to run, you can run, but if parts overweight or obese, it is best to first begin to make a gentle trot until you get to lose some fat to avoid possible injury.
  • If you do not like running, better than never run: Running is an activity that is far less strictly necessary to lose fat, in fact, it is possible to lose fat and is one of the best ways to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass, perform workouts with loads only type of body.
  • If you want to lose fat, gain strength: If what you want is to lose fat and maintain the highest possible lean mass, in addition to following a low calorie diet, it is highly recommended that you begin to perform a routine of weights to help you gain strength while losing fat.
  • Combines sessions of HIIT and LISS: If you are in a very low fat percentage and diet you follow is already low calorie, yes it can be positive introduce sessions extra cardiovascular exercise to help us burn more calories, but it is preferable to combine sessions HIIT with LISS.

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The key to losing weight is diet

As always we insist the key to lose weight and lose healthily and efficiently fat is in food, which must be low calorie. When we talk about hypo-caloric follow a diet, we do not refer at any time to go hungry, but to eat intelligently eating fewer calories than we spend and following some good percentages of macro nutrients.

LifeStyleQA perform various articles that were helping you make your diet personalized based on your lifestyle, daily caloric expenditure and a number of important values.

If you like running, I seek not lose heart, much less with this article, you can still enjoy this activity without problem. However, if what you want is to lose fat based kilometers add your shoes, we hope this article has served to reflect and improve based on your main goal to lose fat.

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