Sadness, is there a cure?

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This article can be of great help to those suffering from a sense of sadness and seeking continuous combat with natural remedies.

What is sadness?

Sadness is one of the basic human emotions, along with fear, anger, disgust, joy and surprise. It is an emotional state caused by a decline of morality.

Suffer symptoms of sadness

It is the expression of emotional pain by crying, her face downcast, lack of appetite, etc.


  • Endogenous causes: when our expectations are not met or when the circumstances of life are more painful than joyful. Joy is the opposite emotion.
  • External causes: They will find it curious that sadness, according to New Age medicine, affects the lung and that this house are recommended acupuncture for you combat this feeling of emptiness exercises.

Note that…

  • Not the same feeling sad to be depressed.
  • Sadness can affect your figure. If you join your emptiness anxiety, you can start eating compulsively and gaining kilos.
  • Feeling sad influence their immune status. You can move from one to another upset.
  • The sadness can lead to suffer skin problems.

What should you do when you feel sad?

  • Refuge in alcohol.
  • Make important decisions at that time.
  • Stop sleeping.
  • Spend much time alone.
  • Forget their loved ones and family.
  • Believe that time heals everything.

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Tips for dealing with sadness

  • It is important to allow yourself to be sad: It may be that the person thinks they can not overcome the pain and it is very strong but is not recommended to go to distractions or deal too because at some point the pain will go away. We must accept that interest is lost during this process for many activities and friends, and some habits will change. Remember that tears are the answer to this sadness, let them out but then take force and follow the recommendations of experts.
  • Feel and express emotions, as they appear helps a lot. Eventually they will decrease. However, sometimes there will be relapses, so it is important that the person be patient with herself. It is advisable to postpone important decisions.
  • During the first, few days it may help establish a schedule to be doing a routine for adapting to new life. Eat well; take care of the body and not to resort to alcohol and painkillers. During this process, the person suffers a drop in defense which makes it more susceptible to disease.
  • Do not expect help from others, ask if you need it, sometimes people face this situation does not know how to act.
  • Allow yourself; it is likely that at first feel guilty for doing it but if you follow his pace can do so later.
  • If you see that after some time and it continues sadness deepens, accompanied by the need for alcohol or drugs or a death wish, seek help from a professional.

Herbal remedies for sadness

Phytotherapy or herbal therapy can be very helpful. The wort San Juan is one of the best plants for sadness. Others may need a tonic as Eleutherococcus (Siberian ginseng), Cola Nut or Korean Ginseng.

Proper diet

It is very important to review your diet so you do not have gaps that may aggravate the feeling of discouragement or sadness. It is very important not missing iron-rich foods because anemia can also cause the sensation.

If you have a thyroid problem (another possible cause), we would take iodine-rich foods (such as algae). Now that is a case of hypothyroidism and the specialist recommends it.

If sadness we must also monitor hypoglycemia and thus avoid spending many hours without eating (more than five).

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A good multivitamin (which is rich in B vitamins) is usually, in many cases, a great help as many people follow a very unbalanced diet.

Tryptophan (an amino acid) and Omega 3 (it is in oily fish oil in Chia, in linseed, etc.) will also help us improve this sadness or discouragement.

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