Santa Barbara, the definitive guide for visitors

Santa Barbara
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Take a generous portion of spectacular mountain scenery and beaches, and combine it with sunshine throughout the year and temperatures very nice. Then sprinkle all that great with the famous Californian relaxed life style and, presto, you have Santa Barbara or the new favorite destination on your list of places to visit.

Occupying the strip of flat land that separates the Californian coast of the Santa Ynez mountains, sunny Santa Barbara knows how to impress and delight: apart from its enviable climate and the possibility of surfing and hiking on the same day, this city style with red roofs and has an interesting history and a picturesque colonial architecture, and surrounding areas are full of world-renowned wine regions. Locals love it, and rightly so.

Capture your charm

Santa Barbara can be summarized in two words: really beautiful. If you’re a budding photographer make sure your reflex camera is fully charged and ready for use. If you are only interested Instagram, frees up memory on your phone before heading out to explore and capture the enchanting beauty of Santa Barbara. Make a few pictures of the sunset or the breathtaking view of the coast halfway to the mountains, and you’re ready to tag and share.

Delight your palette

The best way to make a “cultural immersion” box when traveling is to do what the locals do: this means that when it’s sunny in Santa Barbara (i.e. all the time), the locals set their sights on the closest establishment sells frozen yogurts. Not far from West Beach, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams and Yogurt and Yogurt land, tempting name, much like residents and visitors.

Later, when you enjoy the most stunning beaches, it will be easy to imagine that there are many others who enjoy the Californian climate, but one of these worshipers of the sun is not like the others: you are in the wine country, my friend, and same sun that tans your skin gently radiates life to nearby vineyards, producing fleshy grapes and wines world famous. There are many tours to taste wines and simply would be churlish not to give a drink or two.

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Be a part of nature

Santa Barbara is the place that Californians go to escape the hustle and bustle of her older sisters, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Santa Barbara no hurry and carefree lifestyle of California takes it to another level: here the time is drifting in the gentle ocean breezes, without any notion of capture, which makes it the perfect place for escape, the crowds. And what better place there for a good time with Mother Nature a surfboard?

In keeping with its Californian heritage, Santa Barbara overlooks the Pacific Ocean and has surf spots that would satisfy any water lover more experienced surfers can go north county in search of beaches battered by the wind and the cold waters and Jamala indomitable State Beach if you want larger and faster waves. If you are a beginner, stay in the south of Santa Barbara County and follows students at UCSB Campus Stu Peak or Point. But do not let the sea distract you for too long; the mountains and the Los Padres National Forest, behind the city are full of scenic roads and hiking trails, plus hidden natural hot springs for a dip.

Know the wild life

The sunny California beaches are not the only creatures in the city: take a trip to Channel Islands National Park, an archipelago south of Santa Barbara that hosts the largest breeding habitat of seals and sea lions in North America. The best option is to visit Bennett Point in San Miguel Island, as you have (almost) assured that you will see sea lions, seals and elephant seals in full fray.

These are not the only marine activities: 30 species of whales and dolphins move through the Santa Barbara Channel throughout the year to migrate to waters to feed their young. Climb aboard a boat for a trip whale watching and check out the gray, blue whales and humpback whales in the Pacific and, if lucky, even orcas and pilot whales.

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Explore your history and culture (cuisine)

In the same way that San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge and San Diego has … fish tacos, Santa Barbara also has its own icon, the old Mission. Although perhaps not as big or as tasty as its California rival, the former Mission of white walls and terracotta vaults tops the list of most cultural visits Santa Barbara. Founded in 1786 by Spanish Franciscans, this beautifully preserved church is located between acres of immaculate gardens and is still home to a community of Franciscan friars.

The tree-lined State Street in the heart of historic downtown Santa Barbara has the best shops and restaurants in the region. According to our books, a stroll through the shops account as a cultural visit. At night, go to Stearns Wharf of the port of Santa Barbara: the dock originally catered to passengers and routes of commercial navigation on the southern coast of California, but is now full of restaurants where you can eat delicious dishes while enjoying a spectacular sea views. You can round off your day with a traditional dinner Californian recommends a strong helping of authentic Mexican food.

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