Scanning documents to a Mac

Scanning documents
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For the most part, scanning documents to a Mac computer is as simple as scanning documents to a PC. Certain software and a scanner are required.

Follow these instructions…

1) Install the scanning software and drivers. Most scanners and scanner / copier / printers all-in-one come with an installation disk to be used to install the software and drivers. Some manufacturers do not include drivers for Mac computers on the installation disk. In that case, visit the manufacturer’s website to find drivers for Mac.

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2) Set the scanner. Connect the scanner to an electrical outlet or extension. Connect the scanner to your Mac computer. Most scanners to computers using a standard USB 2.0 connection are connected. After connection, the Mac should recognize the scanner and automatically synchronize with the drivers and software.

3) Ready scanner. Insert a document in the scanner. Most scanners require that the document face down, with the top of the document faces left. Place the document in the scanner according to scanner specifications. Close the lid.

4) Scan the document. This can be done in one of two ways. Most scanners have a scan button. If the scanner you are using does not have a scan button, or the scan button is not working, you can scan the document from the computer. Open the software you installed for your device and click “Search”.

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5) Import the document. An analysis only gives you a screen preview of the document. You still need to import the document and save it to your Mac computer to edit it or send it to someone else. Again, how to import a document is based on the software installed on your device. Most software has an Import button located somewhere near the scan button.

Note: Be sure to keep up with software updates Mac OS X. Many times, software updates include patches and fixes for printers and scanners.

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