Scientifically proven habits that help prevent a cold

prevent a cold
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With winter approaching and falling ambient temperatures, respiratory conditions become more frequent, however, can reduce the incidence of some behaviors or natural resources. Here are some scientifically proven habits that help prevent a cold

Exercise regularly: The practice of regular physical activity and moderate intensity has been shown to reduce the risk of common respiratory illnesses such as colds.

Adequate sleep every night: A restful sleep and enough hours of sleep seem essential to maintaining the strong immune system. In fact, a study found that sleep less than 7 hours each day increased by 3 times the risk of a cold, which recently has also been tested.

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Do not smoke and avoid exposure to smoke snuff: Smoking increases the risk of respiratory infections such as influenza or the common cold; it modifies the structure of the airways and reduces the defenses, making us more susceptible to diseases as it has completed an investigation.

Consume green tea: This tea because it contains catechins that promote the function of the immune system, can improve the resistance to common arteriosclerosis as it has been tested and in addition, some studies showed its antiviral power would also help to reduce the risk a flu.

Getting enough zinc: This nutrient found in all kinds of meat, seafood, peanuts and vegetables, it has been shown to reduce the incidence of colds and also decrease the severity of their symptoms and their duration if consumed within 24 hours start of the condition.

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Having adequate levels of vitamin D: Because in the fall and winter exposure to sunlight is reduced, which could result in lower levels of vitamin D in the body is thought that this could be the cause of the increased incidence of colds during this season. Thus, having good levels of this nutrient would be very helpful, and we can achieve this by consuming foods that have or exposing ourselves to the sun regularly.

As we can see, our lifestyle can greatly condition the body’s defenses and help prevent colds and flu this season. Therefore, remember that these are the scientifically proven habits that can help prevent cold at this time of year and for the health of the body throughout the year.

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