SEO positioning an electronic business

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SEO positioning depends largely on the amount of times repeated keywords that define for our online business.

To correctly position must establish texts of about 300 words and a recurrence of keywords around 2%. In a corporate web that is relatively simple because the descriptions are long, however, an e-commerce is not so.

The solution to solve is recommended use a blog ** ** associated because the content is updated periodically and captures traffic to our website and also allows us to position more keywords in search engines.

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Methods to improve positioning

  • Comments on other blogs

It is important to debrief contributions of interest that may attract the attention of other readers and encourage them to visit our blog.

  • News aggregates

It can be very interesting for our interests to use aggregates like Digg, logbooks or divoblogger to attract visitors to our website.

  • Subscription lists

You are getting higher conversion. You thinks its people that you are interested in your store, either because they has purchased it or because they have subscribed to your newsletter.

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  • Social networks

Search groups to talk about your own business theme. Published in them, make yourself known. It is very important to discuss other publications.

Ultimately, the aim is to generate traffic on our website and we must seek alternatives until it gets, including the option of making contests networks or auction any of our products.

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