Seven BitTorrent clients that can serve as an alternative to uTorrent

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Not a good time for uTorrent. In recent months the BitTorrent client most used in the world has overcome the attacks of those who began to flag it as malware, controversial for its mining of bitcoins and disappointment of clients who now see how your favorite downloads could start to be paid for.

These factors are making who has not done is considering leaving uTorrent is looking for alternatives which, in many cases, are even lighter, free and complete. Here we propose a short list of seven of the many alternative clients uTorrent with which you can follow making the most of the BitTorrent networks.


A server takes several years using qBittorrent, and the truth is that has always given me everything that you can ask a client of this type and more. It has a simple and similar to uTorrent interface is open, multiplatform, let us perform multiple simultaneous downloads and also has a plugin that gives it a search engine itself.

This application has its open source uploaded to Github, opens by default Magnet links and supports DHT, IPv6, Proxies, RSS and encryption protocol. qBittorrent is available in over 25 languages ​​and has versions for both Windows and Mac OS X and GNU / Linux. IMHO one of the best alternatives, but the best, to uTorrent.


Transmission is a simple but complete client Bittorrent that has all the essentials: encryption, web – based interface, support for DHT, μTP, PEX and magnet links, support for web seeds, editor trackers and speed limits.

This client has versions for Mac OS X and GNU / Linux, in fact it is chosen by many Linuxeras distributions for the client to Torrent files installed by default. Unfortunately you do not have an official version for Windows, but being open source are unique to the operating system Microsoft as builds Transmission-Qt.

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Formerly known as Azureus, Vuze is another popular sharing client data under the BitTorrent protocol. It is written in Java and uses the Azureus Engine. In addition to exchange files, Vuze also allows us to visualize, publish and share our original DVDs and video in HD through different channels organized into categories.

In addition to its main client, Vuze also has a plus version that integrates a DVD burner, virus protection and no advertising. And if your computers are not too powerful, Vuze has also created another client called Leap, which is aimed at those who prefer one alternative without as much chance as Vuze, but with a lower consumption of resources.


Deluge is another popular open source sharing client BitTorrent, which is also cross -platform and supports Windows, Linux and OS X. Use libtorrent, and is fully modular thanks to a plugin system that allows us to install, if you like, functions as file encryption, DHT, Magnet links, UPnP, RSS or speed limits

Deluge also can be used on remote systems, and not to complicate our lives also has aninterface similar to that of uTorrent before it was acquired by BitTorrent, and before they started the controversy over the ads and everything this application we It installed without our permission, definitely a popular alternative to consider.


With BitComet also we have to have some caution when installed, since it tries tosettle other software and change the home page. Still, during installation you will see that these two options are marked and we will not be difficult uncheck to use without any problem.

Besides that it is another program with a familiar interface and with all that we ask a BitTorrent client. It contains an interesting advanced option to set the bandwidth used, so that during the day not prevent us from working and at night make the most of our line.

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Developed by researchers at the Delft University of Technology a decade ago, Tribler stands out for having developed a specific network encrypted TOR for user’s to download and share content without being betrayed by its IP address. In addition, this support would make the network TOR suffuses running even if all torrent trackers were closed.

Therefore, this application clients for Windows, OS X and GNU / Linux is presented as a promising alternative for all those who put their privacy above all, but also they will miss some of the classic features of this type of customers.


We end our little list Tixati, an ultra – lightweight alternative that will delight users with less powerful computers that pays special attention to the possibility of using trackers decentralized, and offer configuration options to improve program performance and adapt it to our equipment.

This featherweight also allows us to define the bandwidth it uses, and presents itself as a free alternative without advertising spyware and other “details” that can be found in some programs of great renown.

And with these seven programs we ended our list, but as we are sure that you will know many more alternatives once again we invite you to use the comments of this post to share with us. In fact, that can help us to expand the list with the most interesting comments us.

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