Seven curious places of Cantabria who may not know

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Are you a fan of curious places? Like you discover sites that are not as well known by tourists? You to Scan places that surprise you because you had not the slightest idea they were there? Or perhaps you like wrap by uncertainty and mystery wake abandoned places? Well, if you’re one of those who like to delve through unknown places like this article because you have prepared for you a collection of curious places of Cantabria who may not know.

We know that Cantabria has plenty of places that love to anyone, but it also has other places that neither you imagine, nor that appear when you least expect it. I’m from here and there are some of these places that I discovered relatively recently and sure I still have a lot to discover. That’s what I like about this Cantabria Infiniti! Here are infinite plans. Come, let’s put to the test to see how much you know of Cantabria.

Seven curious places of Cantabria who may not know

1. An island is inhabited by spirits and has moved up to the Fourth Millennium

I speak of Pedrosa Island, located opposite the Bay of Santander, in the town of Pontejos. Formerly in this island there was a leper hospital and took advantage of its location to quarantine people infected with tropical diseases, leaving them there alone, without care until they died. Maybe you around the island a bit of “juju” but if you’re superstitious. It is believed that the island is haunted and there are ghosts! In fact, it has gone up in the famous program of paranormal phenomenaFourth Millennium. Iker Jimenez Hopefully we unveil the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic island.

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2. A beautiful abandoned next to a beautiful waterfall mill

One of the most hidden and most beautiful places we have in Cantabria is this abandoned between Toñanes Cóbreces and mill in Alfoz de Lloredo. The state in which it is preserved is abandoned for a long time. Little remains of the bustle that once would have the mill beyond its walls and beautiful waterfall that is right next to it to complete this beautiful stamp. A beautiful, curious and above place is surrounded by the famous cliffs of El Bolao. Did you know?

3. A church that looks like a pantheon

The church of St. George in the Forges is not a church to use their capitals at the entrance of the church will confirm this. Although it seems more like a Greek or Roman temple, it is the parish church of the Cantabrian village in the municipality of Arenas de Iguña. The building had built at the whim of the Duke of Santo Mauro in the twentieth century in neoclassical style.

4. A hermitage embedded in a rock

La Ermita de Santa Justa in Ubiarco, is a shrine of the most curious, in fact I am surprised because there are many Cantabrians who do not know this wonder that looks like it came out of the sea to stand to enjoy views of the Cantabrian. It is located in the village of Ubiarcoon the beach of Santa Justa, a few kilometers from such tourist destinations as Suances and Santillana del Mar. Right beside the chapel there is a small beach and a picnic area to relax watching the waves break on rock that covers the chapel. Remember, the next time you go to Santillana del Mar and know where to turn to make a stop.

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5. The house where the movie “The Others” was filmed

If you still have no idea where the famous film Amenábar “The others” was filmed have to tell you it’s no house in England to “Downton Abbey” or anything like that. This house exists and is in Cantabria, specifically in Las Fraguas, opposite the church of St. George of you have talked before. Wandering through the house with her ​​children Nicole Kidman and both the garden and the pond that appear in the film, they correspond to the original. By the way, the farm is private, and there is a rather large sign at the entrance indicating that access is prohibited. You’ll have to make do, like us, and shows photos from the gate.

6. A train station “ghost” and a railway tunnel that was never used

Two railway construction projects in theory would unite the Mediterranean Santander, and never got to be constructed, we are found in Vega de Pas. Here is the Engaña Tunnel, a tunnel of almost 7 kilometers left that crosses the border between Cantabria and Burgos. A curious fact is that the tunnel was at the time the longest tunnel in Spain, and was built by republican prisoners. Very near the tunnel also have another interesting corner, the station Yera, also abandoned and was never used.

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7. A pantheon with the best views in the world

Surely you’ve seen this pantheon in a couple of pictures and you have no idea where it is located. Well, it is very close to the football field of Cueto, Santander. As a curious comment that the English Pantheon had it built in 1892 a famous playwright of the time, Joseph Jackson Veyán. He did it in honor of a friend who died after falling from his horse in the same place as they rode together. The cemetery contains human remains, and is considered a monument to friendship. Although the cemetery itself is tiny, the environment in which it is located has amazing views.

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