Seven reform ideas for decorate your home as eighties

Eighties Home decor
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The interior decorating is undoubtedly a reflection of the times in which we live. Throughout the decades styles have evolved rapidly and the materials used for furniture or decorative items. To remember the boom shows plastic or inflatable furniture in the 60s and 70sThe eighties are not far behind in the collective memory with decorative styles that are worth being remembered though not always for its good taste.

One of the many features of the eighties is the “side kitch” we could find in the decoration of some houses. Pastel, lacquer, mirrors, flowers excesses and many other elements that was characteristic of the period colors. If your home or your parents or grandparents still have some of these features you’re probably facing an eighties style that perhaps could and reform. What do you think?

Pastel colors

If we remember the colors that were in decorating trends of the 80’s, no doubt we will have in mind as a pastel pink or light blue. The tendency for most of that decade was used furniture, upholstery and decorative items with those tones. The pink color was used as it were in every part as the bathroom, the bedroom and into the living room. If your house has excess pastel, rose or blue light, it is likely to live a little 80.

Floral pattern

If some memory of the first half of the eighties, it is the floral style that saw almost every house. Armchairs with flowers, flower carpets, curtains with flowers, were flowers everywhere. Do not misunderstand me, the flowers have nothing bad but when all your room looks like a garden it is time to think about making some changes.

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White and blue striped

Another typical eighties style that may still have in your home is to have chairs and couches with blue and white stripes. In fact, this trend will be located in the second half of that decade, so if you bring more than 30 years in the same room may be totally eighties. Certainly it is nothing serious but you should already think about a small change to be in harmony with the times.

The black lacquered dining

Another classic Gran in the eighties is the black lacquered dining coated with a colored cloth or with geometric chairs. I remember both of these canteens, which were in my house one, was there, standing like totem of time. If you also have a restaurant like this you are more than likely already requires reform at home.

The pink bathroom

As mentioned at the beginning, the pink was a tendency in the decoration of houses eighties. Today we are in 2016, in the twenty-first century, if your bathroom looks like a dollhouse it is that you definitely need to take urgent reform. More than thirty years ago it was common to see bathrooms with pink furniture, wallpaper, paint and even toilet paper with the same color. A beautiful doll world that it is time to forget.

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The country style

Do you remember the typical wooden dining chairs with cushions and a ceiling fan? Because if your room is still like this, you make a small change urges decoration since you’ve been stuck at some point in the eighties. One of the typical trends of the time, and whose influence comes from the United States, is this style of dining with colors of dark wood. The ceiling fan with integrated lamp could not miss.

Mirrored walls

Having your home with walls covered with mirrors is a definite sign that your house stayed in the eighties. This decorative trend was typical of the eighties decade, as we saw very often remodeled houses with a mirrored wall in the living room. Some people have been excessive to put mirrors on the ceilings and decorative style Symbol end of an era.

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