Shopping with a plan in mind

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Always buy with a goal in mind, never buy on impulse.

The best way to shop is a list of what you need to buy for our extremely versatile closet. Be specific on your list and put things like blouse to wear with the pattern of red and blue flowers trousers.

If you use sizes are hard to find, look for them when new merchandise arrives in stores.

It’s good to be aware of the dates on which the new merchandise arrives at our favorite stores, so you will have more chance of getting sizes that are hard to find. If, on the contrary, wait too long, it will be harder to find your size.

Inquire in stores what the company policy regarding returns.

Get used to ask in stores if they accept returns, how long you have to make them, etc. This information can be very useful and can be your plan B if you change your mind in your purchase later.

Never go shopping when you are hungry, tired or in a hurry.

Often shopping can be a bit tedious. Therefore, it is very important to go with energy, slowly and with all the wins. Otherwise, two things happen: we get frustrated quickly or we get what we found first without thinking it just to get by.

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The best way to shop is completely fixed (well groomed and put your makeup).

To get an accurate idea of ​​how we are going to do with the clothes we buy is advisable to shop being arranged in the same way that usually accustomed. If we are not fixed, it could happen to believe that we found nothing we like because we really do not like the way we are with nothing to see the clothes themselves.

Beware of items that are on sale, ask yourself if you would have bought if in the original price.

Often consider garments that otherwise would not have considered because we feel we are at a very good price. A very good technique to know what we like what we are about to buy is to ask whether, if money were no object, what would have bought without thinking to its original price.

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If you need to buy many things, it is good to divide it into several short trips to the shops instead of trying to get everything on the same day.

Do not try to make all your purchases in a single day, this can turn a shopping trip should be fun in something totally stressful. Sentimental that it will take several visits to stores and who knows, maybe if you are relaxed and without pressure you can find it all in one go.

Buy only what fascinates you, you deserve it.

Take the time necessary to find and buy only what fascinates you, do not be satisfied with this nice. Only what really fascinates us is what you will use again and again and therefore is much better buy.

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