Simple tricks for your windows desktop

Tricks for your windows
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In Windows, there are a number of tricks for desktop coming to give us many routine tasks. With them, you can open applications with a simple key combination, move around virtual desktops or to access certain functions quickly. Here we collect some of the best.

In Windows 10 desktop regained prominences should never have lost in Windows 8, and again this space is again considered the main work of our PC.

Some of the tricks that we offer also work with earlier versions of Microsoft operating system, while others (such as those related to virtual desktops) are specific to the latest version. Here we go!

Opens anchored in the taskbar application

The taskbar Windows not only shows us what they are active applications (so you will recognize by having a colored bar under the icon), but also serves to quickly access to the programs that we usually use, without putting icon direct access to them on the desktop.

To do this , when an application is run, if you want to stay in the taskbar after close, you simply click the right mouse button on it and select the option “anchor in the taskbar”.

But what some users do not know is that having them there can be opened quickly by pressing the Windows key while a number, which matches the order in which we located.

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So, if for example you have the browser first, your web browser in second place and a media player in third position, if you press Windows + 1 will open the file browser, whereas if you press Windows + 2 you will open your browser and Windows +3 runs the music player (in the example we quote). And so on with all the applications, you have anchored in the taskbar.

In this regard, you have to keep in mind that the Windows button, magnifying glass and do view count for numbering.

Displays the Desktop and hides all windows

Moreover, another of the tricks that remain from previous versions of Windows is the keyboard shortcut that allows us to show the desktop instantly.

To do this, simply press the key of Windows with the letter M. Fast and effective!

Manages virtual desktops Windows 10

The virtual desktops are a new feature that most Windows soon reached after years on current operating systems. Thanks to them, you will have more of a differentiated workspace, which is useful for such work in one and open the music player or other social networks, and keep windows mix and pile up.

You can create all virtual desktops you want and move between them from the task view (by clicking the icon to the right of the magnifying glass Windows), but you can also use these shortcuts:

  • Create a virtual desktop: Windows + Ctrl + D.
  • Switching from one desktop to another: Windows + Ctrl + arrow left / right.
  • Close the desktop acts: Windows + Ctrl + F4.

Other keyboard shortcuts for the desktop

Always, thanks to key combinations has been possible to access many features of interest in Windows, without touching the mouse.

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These are some of the keyboard shortcuts on the desktop more useful Windows 10:

  • Move a window to a location on the desktop: Windows + left / right arrows.
  • Open the task view(to view all open windows or the various desks): Windows + Tab.
  • Change from one application to another: Alt + Tab.

Meanwhile, we include here also other keyboard shortcuts interest, although they are not directly related to the desktop:

  • Windows + R: Opens the setup menu system.
  • Windows + S: Direct access to the browser window.
  • Windows + R: Shows the window to run programs or commands.
  • Windows + X: Equivalent to right -click on the Windows button to see the various shortcuts available on this handy shortcut menu.

We hope these tricks for the desktop you have been of interest. In addition, of course, there are many more, as is hallmark in Windows almost since its inception.

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