Six American museums to visit with children and arouse their interest in Science

Six American museums
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Traveling with children to the United States is a challenge in itself. Distances, countless places to visit, domestic travel, and the multifaceted American culture provide a host of options to select the best for our family.

Certainly in the United States are some of the world’s most advanced scientific institutions. Not forgetting the classic and impressive Smithsonian today see other great museums and spaces that can inspire and arouse the interest of our kids in Science.

Museum of Science in Boston

One more of the many activities and places to visit in Boston In this case we speak of an institution with a long history that makes science fun. Collections and temporary exhibitions that you can touch, explore, taste like a giant piano keyboard or a virtual aquarium, which move freely between fish. The kids can create electricity and with it light; desalinate seawater or play with gravity. In addition, all just steps from the Charles River.

Museum of Nature and Science in Denver

A great museum that captures the attention of big and little ones from the first minute. Dedicate one day to explorer all its rooms and exhibitions. The main attraction is the dinosaurs, but there is more. Interactive tools to explore the space, a world-class planetarium, Hall of Fame of famous scientists in history, and many objects to touch and experiment with materials, chemistry learn playing toy or create future experiences.

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The Franklin, Philadelphia

Before it was known as Franklin Intitute and when I met him a few years ago passing through the historic city of Philadelphia, left me impressed. Today, updated thinking of the kids has a wing dedicated to children: Island Elements. There disenables exposed and a giant storybook, families can explore a cave, visit and learn how a lighthouse works, or steer a sailboat from deck. Alternatively, hide (and find) a pirate treasure.

Exploratium, San Francisco

In this space, we find more than 450 interactive activities at the Pier 15 San Francisco. Some of the experiences that can be tested in this multifaceted place are truly fun: as children to make, giant soap bubbles or “throw” their parents to a world of weightlessness. Here you can fly and even reach the stars to know them up close (and almost touch them). Astronomy is the main theme, but do not leave out games and experiences with water, chemicals or machines.

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COSI, Columbus, Ohio

The Center for the Science and Industry or COSI offers over 300 activates to learn playing. Children can see their vocation awakening playing with medical science, the human body, or building a tree house or producing renewable energy. A little world for children to believe, recreate and learn from their actions. Recommended as one of the centers of science education recommended for younger family.

Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago

This magnificent monumental city offers exceptional space for our children (and ourselves) to learn through experience. Here, for example, you are the only German submarine in US territory. The kids are dozens of activities, which are the basic math to learn to have fun with them. You will discover the secrets of mirrors and reflection of light beams, or learn to create colors.

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