Six good reasons to eat more vegetables

Eat more vegetables
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We know that it is nutritious and very healthy foods, however, in the diet still missing pulses therefore today here in LifeStyleQA we left six good reasons to eat more vegetables, foods that should not be absent from your regular diet.

  1. They are ideal for vegans and diabetics

Legumes are rich foods in complex carbohydrates but at the same time have good protein quality and greater intake of this nutrient cereals and pastas. Also, being rich in fiber, they have a low glycemic index, indicating that glucose rise slowly, without producing peaks in our body.

Therefore, legumes are ideal for vegans who try to enrich your diet with plant proteins, as well, are suitable for coeliacs not contain gluten and can be helpful to replace wheat, oats, barley or rye.

On the other hand, being rich in fiber and have a low glycemic index carbohydrates, legumes are also an ideal food for diabetic diet. For further care metabolism and can protect the health of those who regularly consume.

  1. They help you lose weight

We have dedicated an entire article to this subject because legumes really have been considered and heavy caloric foods for long when in fact are a great resource when trying to lose weight.

Being foods with low glycemic index, high fiber and protein and require chewing because of its consistency, legumes, are one of the foods that satiety produced, i.e. that can help keep hunger at bay and so, help control how much we eat.

In addition, a study found that the intake of vegetables can help you lose more than 6% of body weight when included as part of low-calorie diets for treating obesity.

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  1. They have high nutritional quality

If you still lacking reasons to eat vegetables, you should know that these are foods of high nutritional quality, i.e. concentrating variety of good nutrients in its composition.

They are not only a source of carbohydrates, protein and fiber, but also are good choices to add iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, folic acid, zinc and selenium.

Many of the previously mentioned nutrients promote the body’s defense system and function have antioxidant, while others are ideal to prevent nutritional anemia, to reverse constipation and help care for the nervous and muscular system of the body.

  1. They are ideal for athletes

After seeing all the nutrients that legumes have clearly know that are about food ideal for athletes, as both antioxidants that help reduce the stress of physical exertion as minerals that contribute to the functioning of the nervous system, take care of body who do sport regularly.

Calcium, potassium and magnesium are minerals of great help for proper muscle contraction, and its deficit can result in significant consequences in the body of an athlete.

In addition, their carbohydrates provide quality energy and protein will help repair muscles and other damaged after physical work, therefore fabrics legumes are not only highly desirable for vegans, diabetics, celiacs and heart, but also result ideal for athletes.

  1. They are natural functional foods

While on the market variety of functional foods that promote health care, legumes, are natural functional foods, because they are a source of prebiotics that feed the good bacteria in the intestinal flora and also because consumption can reduce to 6% total cholesterol and up to 9% LDL or bad cholesterol as has been proven in a study.

In addition, as a source of plant sterols and phytochemicals, including saponins are found, they benefit cardiovascular health, strengthen defenses and until they have been associated with lower risk of kidney problems.

Then, without any industrial processing and at a much lower cost than possessing industrial products , we can find vegetables, which are natural functional foods.

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  1. They are very versatile

In addition to all the reasons given above, we cannot fail to add the latter that for those who cook daily, is of great importance because legumes are as versatile as beneficial.

With legumes we can do from a stir fry until a puree, a stew, a salad, dip spread toast, a filling of meat or patties, hamburgers, meatballs, soups and everything you to imagine, because ultimately, the options are as many as our creativity can result.

With this type of food we can produce not only hot but also cold dishes, and we can also use them to sweet and savory dishes at the same time. No stations that do not allow us to use legumes, as they have all year.

For that and for all the reasons given above, it is important to consume more vegetables as part of a balanced diet and heaping health benefits.

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