Six types of website that can have an autonomous

Six types of website
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When an autonomous decides to have a website first thing you should define is the goal you want to meet that page. Depending on the same page type or another is created. So today we will look at six types of website that can have an autonomous. It is clear that not everyone will need the same.

There are many types of autonomous; so there are many types of pages that you can create. Strengthen our personal brand, selling products, facilitate contact and find us on the web, etc. are just some of the options we have at our disposal.

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Types of web pages for self

  • Let’s start with the contact page, which is usually a static page where we just say who we are, what we do and the ways they have to contact us, usually a single page and static. An example of these pages represents
  • If we need something we can more opt for the informative website, where the goal of the page is to give the user reaches the same all the necessary information to get an idea of who we are, what we do and how we can help in certain issues. Also usually they put the most significant clients we work with.
  • Another step can be an informative website with catalog or portfolio where in addition to report everything mentioned above will add our catalog of products or services or the portfolio of the work we have done.
  • We also have the option to mount an online store, in addition to the catalog of products or services that enable our customers to acquire them through the web. We have our shop open every day of the year and 24 hours a day, forcing us to be aware of the orders the same time.
  • The personal blog is one of the formats that can be used as standalone. In addition to reporting our contact details, what we work, etc. We have the option of giving a much more personal view of their work and their professional sector.
  • A more ambitious plan may be to create an online community or social network where we will bring together a number of people around a common interest. An example would be a small bicycle repair shop, for example, where you get your customers involved in the web, share their routes, talk of new models, etc. It is not easy to do or to maintain, but the benefits are very large and we have a number of very loyal to our web customers.

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What is the objective of the website?

This is the question we all must ask ourselves as we decided to ride the website. Thus we have the possibility of having a website that will meet the proposed objective. If we are not willing to refresh the page it does not make sense to have a blog and perhaps suffice us with a contact page.

Of course you not have to be just one type. We can have an informative but combined with a blog web staff, where in addition to the necessary information we can provide and renew content more or less easily.

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