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In recent times, many companies in the travel industry have become interested in using social tools on the Internet. While most of them are oriented conversation between users, many of them allow more innovative, useful applications for a well – defined business strategy. Let’s explore some of these possibilities, from some tips of LifeStyleQA.

1) Commercialize remaining inventory: Channels such as Twitter, micro blogging network very focused on real-time updating is a good space for the latest offerings, or to sell products with little output by the usual marketing spaces. There is the case of airlines are already selling tickets for flights midweek.

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2) Use qualifications systems: Leave comment users through qualifications systems can be very interesting in driving sales. The best qualified products tend to increase your output, thanks to better grades have increased your visibility on the site. Typically, these systems operate by “stars” and are usually not anything difficult to integrate into a site.

3) Integrate with applications for planning: Web services offers APIs that allow us to develop an interaction between these sites and ours. In the case of the Web site, it is also a good idea to allow input from readers can easily appear in your Facebook and Twitter.

4) Create communities focusing on your brands: If you do not have a development team can use services like Ning, allowing them to quickly develop a social community. They can drive this community through offers and other discounts for users more involved.

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5) The “social media” are conversations: Sometimes many companies forget that social networks and other media on the Internet privileged conversation between users. Try to enter there with the sole purpose of introducing a purely commercial message, without regard to the conversations between users, is not a good decision. Therefore, before starting your ventures into “social media”, it is best to do some research on social networks and analyze what users chatting.

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