Some ingredients that should not miss in summer salads

Summer salads
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The salads are one of the popular dishes of the summer, and that is when the heat is a fresh food is one of the best allies. But we must not forget that salads should be nutritious, because many times we sin to make them scarce nutrients. So in this post we will give some clues about foods you should not miss on a good salad to be balanced and nutritious.

If we talk about salads insurance that comes to lettuce, tomato and mind … But there are many possibilities we have at our disposal. You simply need to have on hand the necessary ingredients and a little imagination and desire to change and innovate in the ingredients to not get bored and eat a healthy dish a hundred percent.

Do not forget a good base

Of course in a salad you cannot miss a good base that is usually raw vegetables among which we can highlight spinach, oak leaf, arugula… Since all of them are very rich in minerals, especially iron and calcium, required in the diet. To this must be added that are much less indigestible than other types of raw and easier to tolerate all kinds of people vegetables.

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Protein-rich foods

Proteins the hand can get healthy food like tuna also it gives a different touch to the salad. But we can draw on other very healthy sources such as boiled eggs. Of course, they should always be well cooked, not fried or otherwise, as this we eliminate calories and provide a good amount of protein of very good quality.

The special touch

In summer it is highly recommended for missing the vegetables in salads. Simply serve to include varieties such as lentils or chickpeas cooked simply. This food will give us plenty of nutrients including highlight minerals and vitamins, as well as being a good source of fiber, which help us stay in perfect condition.

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Nuts raw or roasted can be a good alternative to be within a good summer salad. We provide many essential and necessary for the organism fatty acids and minerals. The same is true with olives, which in any variety should always be present in salads us to take to the mouth.

It is certain that there are more ingredients that we go through your head. Therefore we invite you to us proportions your stars to gradually salads much more rich and nutritious for everyone. And it is that simply help us with a little skill and intuition to find the perfect mix.

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