Some people have so few things that only has money

Money is not everything
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What we used to have millions in the bank if we have to we want to share it and enjoy it? We must learn to prioritize and give each place.

This phrase may surprise many, because if it is true that to live we need a financial reward and a pocketful avoid penalties us, money is not always synonymous with happiness.

There are people who are so poor emotions, joys, friendships and love that only have money.

It is a fact we must take into account and to reflect upon because, if we analyze, we will see how much of us dream precisely in our accounts have a good row of zeros behind a fairly high number.

Whether you are someone who thinks that money does buy happiness and those who think it is just the opposite, we invite you to reflect on these questions for a moment.

Money and happiness duplexing

Whether we like it or not, this is an aspect that we will never agree, neither we nor psychologists, sociologists or anthropologists. So much so, that we have studies and justifying both approaches.

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The money buy happiness is not based on property ownership

This conclusion reached by a recent study conducted by the National Statistics Institute UK. It is certainly a curious fact that it is worth explaining.

  • According to the study conducted over several years in which it has asked high-income people, happiness itself is related to the fact of having a good economic arrangement.
  • That is, people feel more satisfied knowing that your rent is continuous and have a good current account. On the other hand, the fact of having several houses, cars, antiques or land not related to happiness.

Experts tell us that this is due to the moment of crisis we are living during these years.

The peace of mind of knowing that one is “covered” with any problem or incident provides greater well-being than the fact accumulating objects or property.

For psychologists, money cannot buy happiness

Now for the other side of the coin, Groucho Marx told us that that “There are many things more important in life than money. But they cost so much!”

While it is true that economic arrangement is synonymous with well-being and thereby cover our needs and those of our family, the key, as always, would be in balance and objectivity.

According to a work published in the “University of British Columbia” money cannot buy happiness for the following reasons:

  • The money is the only thing that would to be less sad. We must understand that sadness is not the opposite of happiness, that is, “who is not sad is not necessarily happy.”
  • To understand better just give a simple example. Consider a billionaire. He gets up in the morning without too many responsibilities with the sole aim of distracted, have fun.

Organizes a trip, go to a party and invite lots of people that possibly not known. It will be a busy day and distracted in which he will not think too much, do not be sad, no doubt it will last well and will cast up a few laughs, but it does not mean it is happy.

Who are looking for a reason not to be sad not to feel the loneliness is not exactly happy day.

This is because the conclusion reached by the work done by the University of Columbia, and psychologists justify us with a simple example: a raise in a home will reduce the sadness daily but not give you happiness necessarily, because the happiness is not found, it is built.

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Emotional well-being does not depend on money

The money will help us to eat well, to distract, and to have nice, interesting and amazing things … But who believes that all this will nourish your heart is wrong.

  • Happiness is within oneself and connections we make with others, with the people we love.
  • The affection is not purchased, the laughter of a child does not work with coins, the moments of illusion, of complicity with a friend or your partner do not work with checkbooks, but with emotions, with reciprocity, with love and sincerity.

No one can deny that money can change our lives and allow us to be much better. However, a row of zeroes behind a number never fill the gaps in the soul and bring that joy and serenity that people very humble and hardly anything we demonstrate daily.

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