Source of diet by blood group

diet by blood group
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The blood type diet or diet by blood group is based on each person needs a specific diet according to their type of blood.

Source of diet by blood group

The doctor James D’Adamo, Peter J. D’father Adamo, author of the book blood groups food and thought that as the blood is the main source of nutrition the body much have to do with diet-patient-health response.

He did inspire by the saying: What is food to one man is poison for another, for good or bad assimilation of food would be related to blood type.

He studied blood groups of our ancestors and adaptation through their digestive and immune systems.

Peter J. D’Adamo continued his father’s studies

Peter J. D’Adamo continued to investigate in the formulations of his father and concluded that the key to the importance of blood type can be found in the history of human evolution. This evolutionary history is directly related to the nutritional needs of each current blood group.

Through proven results in their patients over the years, he said that knowing the blood group foods that do evil, which contribute to weight gain and that can cause chronic diseases are identified. Try to inform the person which foods are beneficial, which neutral and which inadvisable for your health.

What were the results?

We have to give guidelines for blood group diet is, according to the group sanguine guarantee you will be more beneficial to take certain foods and eat you hurt others.

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Blood group 0: “The Hunter” (the oldest)

  • Meat eater.
  • Resistant digestive tract.
  • Active immune system.
  • responds best to stress with intense physical activity.
  • It requires an efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic.
  • Inadvisable foods: ham, octopus, smoked salmon, peanut, pistachio, wheat, olives, corn, oranges or melon, etc.

Blood type A: “The Farmer”

  • The first vegetarian.
  • Reaps what he sows.
  • Sensitive digestive tract.
  • Responds best to stress with mild exercises like yoga.
  • It requires a vegetarian diet to stay lean and productive.
  • Inadvisable food: Red meat (above all), dairy, wheat excess, hake, crab, chickpeas, tomatoes, banana and orange (among many others)

Blood type B: “The Wanderer”

  • Powerful immune system.
  • Tolerant digestive system.
  • Consumer dairy products.
  • Responds best to stress with creativity.
  • It requires a balance between physical and mental activity to stay lean and lively.
  • Inadvisable food: Corn, lentils, chickpeas, sesame seeds, chicken, anchovies, mussels, hazelnuts, olives, tomato, coconut and Granada among many others.

Blood type AB: “The Enigma”

  • Modern fusion of types A and B
  • Sensitive digestive tract.
  • Overly tolerant immune system.
  • Better to stress respond with calm action, i.e. exercises like yoga.
  • Inadvisable foods: red meat, beans, chickpeas, sesame, corn, shrimp, clams, salmon, whole milk, avocado, orange and Granada among many others.

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What’s true in the diet for blood group?

Scientific studies say that this type of diet does not have a solid foundation to say with certainty their results. However, patients who have followed for a while say notice improvement. Everyone is free to think once you have personally seen and decide whether or not beneficial to himself.

In my consultations, depending on patient characteristics, I apply this type of diet by blood group. All those who have followed claim to be happy and satisfied with the results.

It is also true that by blood group, patients often have a very similar to the features described profile d’Adamo, i.e. group A tend to be vegetarians against group 0 are usually carnivores excellence. You try it!

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