South Dakota: The Wild West, mountaineering and famous presidents

South Dakota
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Today we walked toward the western mountains. What will we find? The landscape becomes abrupt. The roads begin to wind, up and down, to be surrounded by forests and wilderness.

Jewels of the Black Hills

The Black Hills National Forest is in southwestern South Dakota and interstate line is crossed into northeastern Wyoming. This area of 6,000 square kilometers is covered with ponderosa pines and reaches heights of 2,200 meters.

Winter in South Dakota is ideal for those who love winter sports like skiing, ice skating, riding a snowmobile or ice fishing. The Black Hills in particular are a great place to enjoy these activities place, especially over 500 kilometers of hiking trails with snowmobiles or snowmobiles.

Summer is great for camping in one of the 30 campsites, fishing somewhere in the 2,000 kilometers of rivers or explore more than 160 kilometers of scenic routes highlighted by its beautiful landscapes, they are called National Scenic Byway. Ideal place also for those who practice mountain climbing.

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Here is the Cave National Monument Jewel is the second longest cave in the world discovered with 219 kilometers of passageways.

The Wild West

Everyone likes the Wild West, and in the historic town of Deadwood can relive that era. In 1876, this gold mining camp was a wild town where much playing for money. Today it is a National Historic Site. In this area at that time there were about 80 of traditional saloons for gambling for money.

Within the reserve of the Black Hills is the Custer State Park, home to one of the largest herds of bison in the world, with almost 1,500 animals. Every autumn (September or October) made ​​the herding buffalo of Custer State Park. They say it’s something amazing to see and hear the ground shake and dust flying when passing the pack.

In the Black Hills also it is one of the points most famous and beloved country reference: Mount Rushmore. The faces of four US presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln – have been carved into the mountainside.

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The sculptor Gutzon Borglum is the artist behind this admirable work. He began carving in 1927 and took 14 years to complete the project. Spring is a beautiful time to visit Mount Rushmore since the wildflowers are in bloom. Pay attention to see if you find some of the 200 mountain goats roaming the area.

Tip a free tourist attraction (if you get caught incidentally). In Rapid City it is a classic American site: the Dinosaur Park. This free tourist attraction has seven dinosaurs on a hill overlooking the city and dates from the 1930s.

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