Squats and push-ups: Two exercises that should not miss in your routine

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The push-ups and squats are two of the basic exercises you should do to stay in shape. We teach you to do them correctly.

If one of your resolutions this year is to keep fit, you cannot overlook two of the most important basic exercises: squats and push-ups. They will work with both the lower body and the upper body, will help you gain strength, and accompanied by adequate food, to keep your muscle mass: something important when it comes to enjoying good health and even when losing weight. You know performing these exercises correctly.

Squats: Works your legs and buttocks

Squats are an exercise that should be included in every workout routines. It is a natural gesture (gesture stoop) we do many times in our daily lives and we must learn to do well. There are many variations with which we work: air squat or without weight, squat charging ahead, behind, jump squats, squats fitball, etc.

The simplest and most basic of all is the squat without weight and runs as follows: we put up with spread about the width of our hips legs. The toes should look out slightly (not too much: do not force it, it’s a natural position) and knees must point in the same direction as the toes. We can put your arms extended forward to achieve greater stability in motion. From the standing position, we bend our knees and torso down as if we wanted to sit on a bench or chair we had back, and down as much as we can without losing the position. When we got down, we again extend the knees to return to the starting position.

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While we are making the movement must take into account that the weight of your body should always stand on your heels, which are kept close to the ground at all times (although there is a variant of squat that can strengthen twins is up the heels, a little on tiptoe, ideal for the most experienced). To make sure we do it right, we can see that our weight is in your heels slightly lifting the toes. In addition, our back should be straight throughout the movement, and knees do not mix.

With the squat work on all our lower body, with particular emphasis on the buttocks and legs (quadriceps area), but also our whole central part (internal muscles of the abdomen), which is activated to help maintain a posture correct.

Inflections: Training your arms and chest

Inflections are perhaps the most popular exercise to work our upper body: breast is carrying the increased workload, but also indirectly work the biceps and the area of the shoulder girdle (shoulder part) and internal muscles of the abdomen and lower back to maintain posture throughout the movement.

Perform is very simple and can adapt to all levels. We get lying face down resting on his toes and in our hands. We can put legs slightly open, which will facilitate the exercise we have a base of a little more support, or together to make it a little more difficult. Hands are directly under your shoulders, like his “neighbors downstairs”. From that position with your back straight, so that our body draws a perfect line, flex your elbows lowering your chest toward the ground; from there we push the floor with our hands and back up to the starting position.

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It is important that throughout the movement behind us and our pelvis remain online: A common misconception is that the hip “fall” down due to the weakness of the abdominal muscles, so we need to pay attention to this. A good trick is to imagine that pushed up the ground with their hands instead of wanting to climb upwards, and place your hands wide open for good surface contact with the ground.

If we are, beginners and we still cannot do pushups on your toes we can begin to do them on your knees until we go gaining strength. Place your hands on the area, which is a little higher than the feet (inclined push-ups) will also help us to make the exercise easier.

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