Strategy on the website, attract local customer or sell online

Strategy on the website
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One of reasons, so many companies to bet on creating your website is to improve sales. For this there are two fundamental ways, firstly attract local customer, which is close to our business. Another strategy would be to achieve online sales. But perhaps it would be more productive to focus the web strategy.

Both are complementary but treatment can design the contents are not identical. On the one hand we must seek the attention of a customer of our city, for which we need to compete with our immediate environment, but also use weapons that have the traditional trade versus Internet, such as personalized attention, delivery time or ease in the changes, to name three examples.

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But if we have an online marketing strategy, focus on and target ads and campaigns for a client who is close to our business or company to appear. Also seeking to satisfy that desire immediately purchase you have.

At the same time we must look to our customer is our best commercial. Enhance word of mouth, make recommend us, which ultimately helps us create us a clientele in our neighborhood, in our city and province that generates us a reputation and brand. We earn the confidence in the sector and this ends up generating more sales.

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If disperse our efforts between online sales and attraction to traditional trade customer most likely end up failing. Focus our efforts on a client, expand portfolio and loyalty, it would be our first target. From here we can start thinking about growing or look for other strategies to our website.

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