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Wherever you go on holiday, whatever your destination, there is something you should never miss in your suitcase: Good sunglasses. Whether it is a beach place, as if traveling to the Big Apple, sunglasses are a must to give your looks that chic, design and color complement.

Experts Wolfnoir, brand sunglasses associated with the world of fashion, recommend some of their original models depending on where in the world that is going to lose on this vacation…

1- If you are those who are looking for the sun, beach, white sand, calm and be in landscape mode for these days off, no doubt your destination is anywhere beach. The Caribbean, some exotic island or the wonderful beaches we have are ideal for showing off any of the models places: classic lines, mount stainless steel that will not spoil with salt from the beach, polarized lenses and glasses both opaque and glass and color, and anti-scratch technology.

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2- If you are the typical urbanize that summer or want to leave the city, destinations such as New York, London, Tokyo, Paris or Milan, are places ideal for you. Each and every one of them is a capital benchmark in the world of fashion, so the ideal model is the one that best suits the trends. Looking for a retro design, vintage and minimal which makes them becomes the differentiating factor that we all seek. We like those with round shape, with two – tone frames, print and cellulose acetate. For this occasion choose tinted windows and darker colors to complement looks more rockers, and a casual street style very marked.

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3- If instead you’re adventurous, you love to burden the backpack and explore unexpected places, get lost in the crowd and meet new people and other cultures; destinations such as India, Thailand, Brazil, Peru and New Zealand are perfect for you. For this adventure, we recommend a square designs with frames that combine different colors, daring and wild prints or more neutral but very elegant colors. Large, small, round or square, whatever your style of sunglasses, is the star complement for summer and holidays. Always they will give that special and different touch that will complement any of your outfits and most importantly, will protect you from the sun.

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