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Removing abdominal fat… impossible?

January 28, 2016 0

Look in the mirror and see that, usually in the abdomen in both men and women fat is our daily bread. And the question that many are asking is removing abdominal fat… impossible? The answer is clear: […]

Kegel Exercise
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What are Kegal exercises and how do them.

January 26, 2016 0

Sure many of you have heard about Kegel exercises, but do we know exactly what they are? There is a strange mythology around them that we want to clarify: are they unique to women or are […]

weight lose
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Remove fats from your body

January 12, 2016 0

If there is something that everyone wants, it is the perfect body; although each person is different stereotype of a perfect body usually fat removal is included. Whether you have to increase or decrease weight, always looking […]

Flat Stomach
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Remove belly and toned abdomen

January 11, 2016 0

In this trend of fitness both women and men worry about looking a slimmer silhouette often results in trying to eliminate belly and toned abdomen. Let’s see some tips to try to get healthy and fit… […]