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Deductible expenses when working from home

May 2, 2016 0

Every day there are more self-employed, the nature of their profession, they operate from home. They use a room as workplace, preparing office furniture, computer equipment and telephone, with which they can begin to perform […]

You are at home
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Some tips to keep weight while we are at home

April 28, 2016 0

Every time we are more who want to care for our health and for that we turn to change our habits every day. Sports and shelve the sedentary lifestyle is often one of the alternatives. […]

Repair damaged hair
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7 Tips to repair damaged hair at home

April 13, 2016 0

While repairing the damaged hair seems a cumbersome task, the truth is that it is not so, because there are practical tips so you can retrieve it without leaving home. Here are seven ideas to share with you…

Eighties Home decor
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Seven reform ideas for decorate your home as eighties

January 14, 2016 0

The interior decorating is undoubtedly a reflection of the times in which we live. Throughout the decades styles have evolved rapidly and the materials used for furniture or decorative items. To remember the boom shows plastic or inflatable […]

Decor Your Home
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Seven Ways to Modernize Your Home

March 19, 2015 0

Modern design, with clean lines and a good connection to the outdoors, will be the leading housing trend for the next few years. In response to a more complex world, home buyers respond to spaces […]