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Saving is a key issue for a good management of their finances. However, not always this purpose is achieved. Learn how to make it.

Having saved money not only serves to be prepared for any unexpected also it helps that I ever dreamed it out at a more favorable price.

For example, if you buy clothes, appliances, house, apartment or car on credit, the interest rate they charge will make the purchase is more expensive than if paid largely or entirely in cash.

Here in LifeStyleQA we give you ten tips that if implemented, will surely notice a savings in your pocket and most importantly create the habit.

1) Find out where you spend

To make a savings plan you need to know where you spend your money and, from there, to develop a new budget. You should note, day by day, the expenditures made, for however insignificant they may seem, are relevant. It may be that buying that coffee or breakfast in the office does not seem to matter much, but when adding those little expenses incurred in the week will notice that total. Keep track of your spending for a week or two to find out what expenses you can skip and which can decrease.

2) Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Now that you know where you spend your money you can make a budget. In order to save you must spend less than you earn. You can look for options of brands that offer the same, but cheaper. Develop a budget and follow it to the letter. However, do not forget to allocate a small percentage for fun, it is also necessary.

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3) Pay your debts

Credit cards are not an extension of their capital. If you only pay the minimum required, your debt will never decrease and interest on money you could save be absorbed. Pay a little more debt and investigate financing plans with less interest. To the extent that decreases the interest payments will increase their ability to save. Also, limit the use of credit card to the max.

4) Compare and choose

You can reduce your costs by taking advantage offers, take the time to compare and choose from. Make the purchase after eating, that way you will not fall into the temptation to buy things you do not need just because you’re hungry. Find the best prices and compare the amount of product that brings the different presentations. Sometimes it is better to buy a single family presentation. Search shops that offer greater discounts.

5) Reduce consumption of services

Some small changes can save you money on payment of utilities bills. You can use energy saving light bulbs, switch off electrical appliances when not in use, turn off lights that do not use, modify the temperature of hot water to use less gas, check the phone bill and reduce calls made using alternative media. Investigate what are the best plan cable TV, Internet and wireless services. Avoid water leaks, and consider using a boat to collect the cold water from the shower and use it in the garden or for watering plants.

6) Better safe than sorry

Motor insurance, are essential in case of an accident could lose their few savings or borrow if you do not have insurance to cover the expenses incurred. But you can also save in this area. Find out if the insurance plan you have is the right one for you. Take advantage if your office offers discounts when using the insurance company hires.

7) Save on gifts

Consumerist society in which we live has invented to celebrate and give dates throughout the year, from Christmas to Epiphany, through the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These commitments will generate costs that can be avoided. I took your creativity afloat and SATIN gifts made by yourself. Do not be swayed by the euphoria of the date, if you want to give something I bought in advance to choose the gift at the best price.

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8) Save to buy clothes

To look good without spending more, you can buy clothes out of season. Get classic clothes that do not go out of fashion, create your style, I bought what makes you look better, I took cheap and used the Internet to get informed and get the best choice. Follow the care given to wash your clothes to keep them in good condition for longer. I did not buy many clothes for children who are growing; I exchanged clothes in good condition with her friends.

9) Holiday Savings

To avoid reckless spending in the holiday period, you can try some of these options: buy in advance all-inclusive packages, choose a nearby destination and not so commercial, staying at the home of an acquaintance or family, camping, traveling by bus, investigate what days are free to museums and tourist attractions tickets, eat where the locals do and not on tourist sites, etc … Check with government tourism offices on the best free niche sites and have fun with these options.

10) Save money in a safe place

Finally, open a savings account that you cannot easily withdraw money, or invest long term. It may be a small amount, but eventually that money will earn interest. You have to deposit the money intended for savings as you receive it.

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