Ten tips for traveling in summer and unburned in the attempt

Ten tips for traveling
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Traffic that is worth taking into account those who will take the car these days to get used to the road and get to your holiday destination. As good Decalogue includes things, we all know but also recover some that are worth remembering.

In addition, there are millions of displacements, which are expected this year for travel. Often drivers underestimate the importance of making a long trip, so if you know any of them, this list of tips for the trip may find interesting…

Be prepared

Yes, I agree, the advice may seem obvious, but the reality is that often the lack of preparation makes a small problem become a big headache once we’re in road.We should verify that all we have left the house closed and we have someone we irrigate plants or we collect the mail. We drive with less stress.

Estate rested

In addition, speaking of stress we talk about fatigue. Traveling tired, both the driver and passengers. Moreover, a long journey, especially if we are in uncharted territory or where new roads have flourished, much more tiring. If it is vital that the driver has rested, not least is that the companions also go well rested. The probability that a passenger, especially if we talk about children or elderly, stressed out the driver grows ad infinitude when tired.

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Check the car

Today cars are very reliable, but a breakdown in the middle of a long journey can give us the holidays. So should keep an eye on the main vehicle systems: oil levels, coolant and brake fluid are the least; also touches fill the windshield washer tank and check the wiper effectively cleaned. Let us ensure that the bulbs and essential tools have not been at home with the umbrella. If we take a caravan or trailer, look also hitches and electrical circuits function as the first day.

Check tires

Chapter Deserve tires on this list, not only because the original idea is Goodyear also, but because all our security is based on four spans, and if those four spans and fail us … Inspect thoroughly band tread and sidewalls, checked and adjusted without forgetting the spare tire pressure.

Packaged properly

We have all seen those reconverted utility trucks moving summer, which is an extra cost in fuel, an unnecessary risk for traffic and a terrible nuisance. To avoid this, it is important that we are selective when packing. For example, a beach umbrella may seem important, but if you have to represent a risk in the cabin may be worth buying or renting a destination.

Research your route

Beyond the use or non-use of GPS, should spend some time planning the route. This will allow us to know in advance the roads we use; we use to patrons the due rest breaks and thus make better use of time, greatly reducing the risks of driving tired.

Download an application security

We recommends a road safety application designed specifically for vacation trips. It includes useful advice on local traffic laws and basic phrases in other languages ​​if you need to ask for help on the road. It is available for iPhone and Android.

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Leads by sections

In relation to the previous point, a council that is always given and, if respected, it works. Divide long trips in driving sections seriously supposed to stop every two hours or 200 km to keep fresh face to continue the journey. In addition, if we are tired, as before, that after all we are on holiday. Passengers will also appreciate it. Eat lightly and drink plenty of water are other recommendations of gold.

In turn leads

If possible, drive in turn will allow us to relax, so that when we take the wheel will be even cooler than simple rest stops. Additionally, a driver who is good companion can lend us a hand in time detecting potential problems down the road. However, to get this right, you need to work well-combined team. If not, it is better to abstain.

Using emergency roadside

Use the beams only when absolutely necessary. They are designed for emergency situations, but do not guarantee your safety. Trucks and cars pass a few meters, so stop the car where possible and safe, turn on emergency lights, wear a reflective vest before lowering and protect everyone behind the security barrier. If you have a sick or needy child, it is best to try to get to the next station, where you can park safely.

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