The 10 most visited countries in the world in 2015

Most visited countries
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With each passing year, tourism stands out as a more important economic factor the global economy. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) tourist traffic in 2015 was 1,133 million people, just double that in 2000.

For any countries tourism is one of the most important components of GDP, employing millions of people and putting on the world stage to a country that, make no mistake, highlighted by the sun, beaches, gastronomy and beautiful cities, towns and nature.

And since man is man, the human being is a nomad. We like to travel, to experience, to know and almost every living creature that can afford it, save some money to get away at least once a year, either local or international.

For lovers of the data, I have compiled a list of the most visited countries in the world during the year just passed (according to UNWTO).

1. France (83.7 million)

Our Gallic neighbor the first in the world rankings takes.  France, like Italy, is a country that knows how to sell to the world like few others.

Self-declared global fashion icon, the “cool “, romanticism and wines, this great country with a rich history, beautiful monuments and diverse landscapes has become the dream destination of more than 80 million tourists in 2015.

Paris, the Loire castles, Normandy wild, historic Occitania, the Mediterranean Marseille and many beautiful and interesting cities that rely on tasty cuisine and an acceptable climate.

2. United States (74.8 million)

It not so complicated placed in positions of honor if you’re the first world economic power and one of the largest countries in the world. However, regardless of these data, the United States is a country where raw nature, a fairly liberal lifestyle where the American dream and attracts many curious.

The legendary Route 66, New York, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, theme parks, California … is a true urban and natural mix encompassing a wide audience.

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3. Spain (65 million)

Spain if emptied of politicians and crooks (synonyms often) have a spectacular country. Also, in my humble opinion (perhaps somewhat partisan), one of our secrets reside in the warmth of the Spanish.

It has modernity, culture and wealth of entertainment in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona; History in ToledoGranada, Seville and Caceres; stunning beaches in all coastal communities; microclimates, such as Alicante, where the sun shines 300 days a year; beautiful islands in the Balearic and Canary Islands; centuries-old traditions and cultures; festivals, at least different, like San Fermines or La Tomatina; the best and most varied cuisine in the world; and we amuse us know.

We may never be a world economic power but it is clear that Spain is different, and why they come to see us.

4. China (55.6 million)

With its recent opening to the world, China has attracted millions of tourists eager to discover the ancient culture of a country that has remained hidden over the last century.

I only had the opportunity to spend four weeks a few years ago (more than enough time) but I loved the experience. Contrary to what many believe, the people who inhabit rural China are welcoming and friendly, and they felt during my trip.

Beijing chaotic the Great Wall of ChinaXian and the Terracotta Warriors, Guilin rock formations, etc. China is full of secret corners and wilds country worth exploring.

5. Italy (48.6 million)

One of our main historical rivals in the world of tourism is Italy. It is always attracted the interest of historians, romantic and gourmets.

In its elongated morphology are mountains, rivers, beaches and historic almost around every corner cities. The large Roma; modern Milan; traditional Sicily; or chaotic Naples, are just a sample of a country where the north and south have little to do. Yes, I think your kitchen is more than overrated.

6. Turquía (39.8 million)

Personally, I consider Turkey one of the jewels of my known world. This country is a real mix of cultures. Perhaps because of its geographical situation – sharing something of Europe and much of Asia – his eclectic religious world or its history. The fact is that Turkey is a very diverse country where nature and culture take precedence over everything else. Istanbul (for me the most attractive city in Europe), Cappadocia, Dalaman and the Mediterranean coast, Antalya, the mountains of the northeast, etc. A country that is very much worth visiting.

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7. Alemania (33 million)

In the heart of Europe we find the point, workers, organized and perhaps hum, Germans. Germany annually attracts over 30 million tourists who seek to know the heart of continental Europe. Urbanites are opting for Berlin and Frankfurt while looking festivals prefer Munich and the Christmas markets around the country. Ah! Do not miss the Carnival of Dusseldorf! It was my personal discovery of 2015.

8. United Kingdom (32.6 million)

Another classic in the top 10 as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland receives over 30 million tourists a year. This year I visited Scotland and Wales, with its dramatic landscapes, castles and ancient culture. I recommend on the urbanite England.

London, with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, remains the crown jewel (pun intended) and the flow of tourists attracted to the world of learning English is not negligible.

9. Russia (29.8 million)

The world’s largest country is the ninth most visited. This may not seem so meritorious, it is. Keep in mind that much of Russia is virtually uninhabited and infrastructure makes it difficult to reach many of those places. It however, much of its charm lies.

Nature is overwhelming in many Russian regions. Lake Baikal and the historic cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg lead the ranking of places to visit.

10. México (29.1 million)

Guanajuato and Cancun were areas that could meet much higher, since my trip lasted only eight days. Most tourists arriving in the country are opting for the ruins and beaches of the beautiful Yucatan peninsula but Mexico is much more than that.

Guanajuato, Monterrey, inhospitable hinterland … must also give an opportunity to the spicy Mexican cuisine, full of flavors and different textures. Definitely a destination to include in your list of 2016.

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