The 7 steps that will come in handy whether you want to create your own business

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If you are clear that you want to start your own business… Congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting adventure, but as you can imagine, quite hard. But all you learn, even from mistakes. The online shops are the easiest way to start your business in the world of fashion, selling fashion others to believe, but you can get your own business manufacturing the product you like.

Not as difficult as you think and some bloggers started well and now have a powerful brand that sells very well, and you can be next. Just sort ideas and create a good business plan. It is needless to create something as big as Facebook to succeed in business, and sometimes starting soon can become great. 

These are the 7 steps that will help you create your own business:

Have a good idea

Obviously, the market is very large and to succeed you have to offer something new and so there is interest. You must find your own niche, specialize and create something that is really identifiable; people will stick with it as soon as you know. At this stage you must investigate and gather much data on the interest that can generate a particular product, as well as coming up with the idea and the name of your product.

Note that each year more than 80,000 new businesses are created according to official data from a research, mostly in the commercial sector, so competition is not easy. One of the first steps you have to do is search and enter a name in the register, you can choose up to 5 different because it is rare to find one that is not already registered.

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Create a business plan

It is essential; the business plan is your business card in banks, public institutions and to anyone who want to present your idea. In the business plan should include all types of data, sales forecasts, expenses, where are you going to get the funding, which need investment, when will generate benefits, etc. The data is the more realistic better, not about writing the letter to Santa Claus.

Ask for help from the institutions of your municipality or your community to support employment and entrepreneurship. You will form and will help you create a business plan and will do for free and expert advice. The data included in the business plan are numerous. The more complete the plan will be more professional image of your business and give better can address potential problems or difficulties. Note that each year some 28,000 companies are closed according to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. And you do not want to be one of them.

Funding and grants

Let’s talk about money, because it is the trickiest part. You have to be clear about how much money you need to launch your idea and where you’re going to get (own money, loan banks, state aid, etc). All budgeted expenditure and investment, is realistic. When you make a business plan this part will be the most headaches of you.

There are many more grants to new businesses and individual entrepreneurs than you think, especially if you are young, woman or are unemployed. It begins with the search for public aid provided by the Ministry, although each Autonomous Community, Province and City Council with its own budget and grants for business start-ups.

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Suppliers and fairs

If you are creating your own product, you have to buy raw materials. Search providers, go to trade shows, ask budgets, examine and question the qualities you need. Maybe you’re clear in your mind that you want to make the product but this is not as easy or economical to do. Like several options you must try to find what works best for you.


Search a workshop where they can manufacture your product, check delivery times, finishing and getting the prices they ask for it. Almost all businesses start manufacturing locally; to better control the timing and quality and better monitoring.

Web, social networking and marketing

Another mainstay of the business is to let you know. Today you need a website as you also participate in social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and, above all, create a marketing plan to forward your business idea your prospects. At this stage you need a marketing agency who knows your values ​​and transmit it to reach your target audience. Like when you have the idea of your business, be different, creative and original gets the best results.

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Legal proceedings

It is the most arid part but absolutely necessary. You’ll have to register as self-employed; set up a company in the legal form that suits you, find out all taxes and fees you will pay and perform procedures such as accounting. As always, the advice of an expert in the areas you do not control is essential. Find a prosecutor and counsel trusted you solve the paperwork and avoid groping.

So, stop dreaming about your business idea and start shaping it. It will be an adventure, for sure!

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