The 8 of the best apps to use Facebook without slowing down our phones

Facebook Applications
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Facebook for Android is one of the worst optimized applications but that should not catch anyone by surprise. Its application is slow, heavy and consumes a lot of battery, but not only that, but makes everything else on our device go slower.

Uninstall Facebook and the performance of our device will improve. According to evidence from reddit user, our device will go 15% faster if we remove both the Facebook app and Messenger app. This is due to poor optimization of these two applications, abuse that makes calls wake locks to wake the device from its resting state, and that abuse is draining the battery and abuse of RAM, which affects the rest of the system. Therefore, if you uninstall these two applications your phone battery last longer and the system manages fewer processes, which performance is improved.

If you are someone who is still using the Facebook app, but you are uninstalling to improve the performance of your mobile device, then I leave you with the best alternative to continue using the social network but our Android will slow.

The first and best option is to directly access Facebook from your web browser. Their website is very well designed, and if you go from Chrome, you can activate notifications to keep abreast of all developments. Ideally, add a shortcut to in the home screen for easy access.

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Facebook Lite

Facebook has another official application called Facebook Lite that takes up very little and is very fast. Front 250 MB that usually occupies the Lite version normal environment occupies 5 MB and does not slow down our device. It is optimized for use on networks with poor coverage.

Metal for Facebook

In third-party applications Metal is now presented as the best alternative. As with all applications that we will see below is based internally in a browser opens the web version of Facebook that add their own menus and options to make it easier and faster to browse the network. Metal also allows us to use Twitter and has a dark theme.

Folio for Facebook

Folio is also one of the best alternatives, offers a complete navigation bar, several themes to customize the colors of the application, add-ons also have Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr in one application, and more options.

Tinfoil for Facebook

Although Tinfoil nearly a year without updating was also a favorite alternative for its simplicity. Just gives us a right side navigation bar will only appear when glide your finger from the right frame to the left.

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Fast for Facebook

Fast for Facebook is an alternative that is only active when you want, no hidden services or notifications. It offers superior options menu to navigate directly to different sections of the social network Facebook access.

Mini for Facebook

Mini For Facebook Facebook Lite is next to one of the applications that occupy less storage on your device. Like other alternative offers a navigation bar to explore the social network.

Puffin for Facebook

Finally we have Puffin, the most basic of all. Puffin special edition of the browser optimized for Facebook It is. That is, load and removes all navigation controls, only offers the web page. As it stands this is their way of application saving data to compress images and videos.

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