The art of love

The art of love
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Surely at some point you what you asked is there perhaps the “Art of love”? Well, first we must realize that in love not everything and not all are equal. Each of us has some needs and aspirations that cannot be adjusted or those people of whom we feel attracted.

By this we mean that it is difficult to draw up a sort of manual of the good love or infatuation art. In this world we no instruction book, we know, and is there in this long process of learning, experiences, mistakes and successes, where he lives the best way to go write our own thesis of human relations.

However, when talking about seduction strategies we can determine the basic dimensions that we can target. We must point out first that seduction is not limited to romantic and sentimental plane. Seduce, is enhancing the best of ourselves to the outside. So these simple strategies can also apply to our work and other areas of our life.

Because after all, a seductive person is one who knows his strengths, one that uses their strengths to show the best of herself, to captivate and achieve closeness with those around you. Let’s see…

1. Know your own brand

No, we’re not talking about marketing … but almost. Be your own brand means to assume at all times that we are unique. Have its own self-concept that differentiates us from others. The essential thing is not to be determined by others, have a unique and authentic, free personality conventions and determinism.

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Think for yourself, act according to your projects and needs, choose what you want to influence you and what not. The only personalities are always seductive. To love, authenticity and demonstration are fundamental. Create your own brand, be yourself.

2. The roles have changed

There may be people who still believe that usual, is that men are always the ones to initiate the art of conquest while women assume a more passive role. In recent decades the customs have changed considerably, without communication channels: social networks, new technologies … The woman does not wait for are the ones who take the first step, and they can take a more passive attitude to allow them to conquer. The roles are now more similar.

So where’s the key? Simply to make you feel good to the person who interests us and before us, as equals. Being genuine and avoiding any kind of manipulation. Never prove that you’re not, something essential given the channels such as social networks allow us to today, where many people pretend it is not.

The roles have changed and seduction, can give new channels. But to love a person you should be yourself at all times, always it generates positive feelings you can conveys openness, sincerity, sense of humor …

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Treat the other person as an equal. No matter who starts the process of conquest, the important thing always trust yourself maintaining good self-esteem and a good self-concept? You are your own brand, unique and special you are, and all we are able to captivate.

3. Psychology of attraction

The psychology of attraction tells us that when it comes to love a person, we can do it through three dimensions. Get an emotional connection, show the other person that you are what you need, and develop a physical attraction.

It is true that in initially, the physical aspect is important. But we must be clear, without an emotional connection infatuation will not be real. “Flirt” is simple, but love the person that really interests us is not so easy.

Show him that person that you are what you need, delve into their needs, their fears, their aspirations … become necessary for him / her, show support, practice active listening, develops empathy, establish rapport … all it forges some links strong. Make yourself indispensable, and you’ve figured out what the art of love.

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