The banana is not fattening, but it can help you lose weight

The banana is not fattening
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The banana is one of the most battered by consumers who love their flavor and texture but limit their intake by the mistaken belief that fat and calories is full of fruit. However, the banana is not fattening, but can even help you lose weight.

Slim line, it can help you lose weight

This fruit has valuable nutritional properties to offer and is a low energy density food, but also can help you cook healthier as you have above.

However, there are not just the benefits of banana and possible help for those looking to lose weight, but this fruit is among the foods that satiate according to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In addition, an investigation by US scientists found that bananas have appreciable amounts of a substance in the body, induces the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that calms anxiety, relaxes us and produces satiety in the brain.

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On the other hand, bananas consumed in its no more mature state, is a food rich in water and fiber and also low glycemic index, and all these factors have been associated with increased satiety and reduced caloric intake back to your consumption in a study published in the journal Nutrition Hospitality.

As if missing evidence about a research from the University of Massachusetts compared the use of banana and other fruits in low calorie diets and confirmed that this fruit produces a lot of satiety with its intake compared with other fruits, therefore, can be help lose weight when controlling our hunger level and / or appetite.

Finally, we can not forget its pleasant sweet taste that can be used as an ingredient in different dishes to reduce the content of sugar and / or fat content of the same if we use it to replace for example, butter, honey, table sugar or others caloric foods.

For all these reasons, not only the banana is not fattening but also can help you lose weight by eating tasty and very good nutrients.

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The best way to consume banana if you want to lose weight

If our intention is to get the most out of the banana and help to lose weight, we recommend consume this fruit when even you are not mature fully, because more mature, higher sugar content and less promotion of the release of serotonin in our body.

It is also very advisable to consume banana with some source of protein animal or vegetable either, to further reduce their glycemic index and increase their already high power to satiate the body.

For example, we can consume with a glass of milk, yogurt, or cheese, nuts and / or seeds. Similarly, a smart way to use bananas when looking to lose weight is as a replacement for more caloric foods or sweets, for example, in the middle of a cake or cookies to give texture and / or flavor with fewer calories and nutrients better.

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