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Gom Player
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GOM Player is a free media player that is compatible with Microsoft Windows. While there is no color adjustments are suitable for all GOM Player you do, you may need to make changes to their properties in order to obtain the best results from the application. For example, you may need to change the default color of GOM Player if you are watching a digital media file with a video track having problems coloration. These parameters can be adjusted to apply a filter that lightens, darkens, sharpens, softens, intensifies or fades colors on a video track.


GOM Player is a free application that was developed to open and play digital media files in a variety of formats. The application is compatible with digital video in FLV, MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, MKV, RM formats, RMVB, OGM, VOB, MPG, TS and DAT and digital audio MP3, M4A, formats AC3 and OGG. GOM Player is also able to link any digital media file loaded with subtitle tracks in the SMI, SRT, RT and SUB formats. Since the program has a minimal interface, users can easily navigate the essential functions of GOM Player. Playback of digital media files can be controlled with the buttons on the control bar, while advanced application settings can be edited in just a few clicks.

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Color Settings

Once a digital media file in GOM Player is loaded, you can adjust the color settings for your video track by going to the “GOM” tab in the program menu and select “Preferences”. Click on the “Video” tab on the left side menu “Preferences” window. Go to the “Video Control” to modify the movie brightness, contrast, saturation and hue section. By default, all these adjustments will be calibrated to half of its range .You can adjust the brightness level to change the lighting of the video tracks, adjust the contrast to change the brightness, adjust the saturation level to change the intensity, and adjust the tone to change shade. When any of these settings are enhanced, you will see the changes reflected in the video track as it flows in GOM Player. When you have finished changing color settings, click the “Close” button in the “Preferences” window.

Overlay Key Color

The “key color overlay” is another parameter that controls color on the “Video” tab in the “Preferences” window. But unlike the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, this filter does not apply to track video streaming. Rather, it lets you choose the color boundary between the video and subtitle tracks in a digital media file. You can choose between one of the models available RGB color or define your own. After setting this property to your preference, you can associate a subtitle track with a digital media file by opening the “GOM” tab and selecting “Caption …” option. Load the “Subtitle Explorer” window and click the folder icon. Look for the subtitle file in the file selection window. Select the item and click “Open.” The subtitle track now flow with the digital multimedia file selected overlay color key.

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Default configuration

Unless you use GOM Player to open digital media files with problematic dye, the default settings of the application must be suitable for any and all use. As a matter of fact, the default settings GOM Player should always be enjoyable for casual users of the application. To return to the native configuration of GOM Player, click the “Reset” button on the “Preferences” window and re-enable the default settings.

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