The changes that would make us well for the new year

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Year-end and new year is a good time to talk about changes. Are achieved, the non achieved, and we intend to reach this new year.

I talk about changes starting with ourselves, within ourselves, in our way of being and seeing things. Changes to our own attitude towards ourselves, changing our ways of living day to day changes made ​​within.

Maybe in the past year not we succeed in everything we would have liked, but that did not matter too much, because in little something themselves have been changing: we are now aware that we value and that we can achieve what we set out, even if we to forgive us for our wrongdoings of the past and start again from scratch.

It is good time to ask a total renovation: be good to ourselves, take care of ourselves, grow as individuals, and become better every day. That from now on, do not let pass the opportunity that life gives us, especially to do right and help others … and to stop having negative thoughts that destroy us and cause us to make bad decisions. Now is the time to change, but for better and better.

Let’s start with the simplest thing: forgive ourselves, forgive us for having made ​​mistakes, for having wrong for neglecting the important things, because she lived with too much haste without letting us enjoy life. The best gift you can give us is to give us forgiveness, because maybe we have always been confused, or perhaps thought that what we did was what we had, when deep down we knew there.

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New this year, starts again! It’s something you’ll never regret it, no human being more courageous than she who recognizes her mistakes and amendment. A person who is not afraid to admit mistakes and correct them, is admirable … and you can be that person.

Resolve to be better than our enemies, which should be relatively simple; We seek to do right, to do good, create better environment and act with dignity. Let’s be good though not thank us, even if we do not recognize it. No matter, we are better, we are individuals, and we are as we know we must be correct, authentic, sincere, decent and good people. If our enemies do not appreciate us for being so it is that they are hardly worthy of our level. We are good, but also warriors, fighting for what we want, so good and right.

This new time, let us talk about what we can do, such forgive and forget, listen to others and give them support and love, be able to look with indifference to those most harm they have done to us … And if we start to love so much that we no longer need so much love from others, with our pride and we are covered?

Let us teach our children what it means to love without interest, but also learn from them, because in their innocence are able to teach your perfect world.

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Start being different people, make a change in our lives, we are more demanding with ourselves, but for good, to be able to carry out these changes in our lives.

We have to make changes! But all changes have to begin with ourselves. Not a bad idea to plan, schedule our lives, be more organized to be outstanding women we know we can be. Do not keep grudges, not unnecessary things in our backpacks; we remove the useless for our life lightens, for our own good.

But let’s be cautious a prune doubts in our lives is good and not believe everything they tell us and everything we see, because even our eyes can deceive us. And let us not congratulate ourselves when we do something good without expecting anyone to do it, because we ourselves are enough for all; just be reviewing and offending, we’re better than all this meanness.

Begin to enjoy the little things so we can make big plans for our lives. This year will be ours, because we have so decided, we will change our way of living and looking at life with loveLife will be better as well, and you will see.

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