The keys cannot neglect to achieve greater engagement on Facebook

Engagement on Facebook
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What makes the success or failure in Facebook? It is a new keyword searched on Google these days. It is also known as engagement and responsiveness that consumers show the contents published on the social network.

One of the great obsessions of brands when it comes to digital marketing is concerned is to achieve the best results on Facebook. A few years ago, it was important to be present in the social network, because in this way it came in an easy and simple to consumers. Sneak into the news feed was not complicated and getting consumers to click those contents should do neither was.

On the one hand, there was so much presented in the social networks and other consumers were much more receptive to messages shared brands. The fact that not even the channel that reaches the consumer had been saturated and mixed it was not complicated.

Things have changed and reach the consumers in Facebook (and social media in general) is more and more difficult. On the one hand, more and more brands that are present in the social network and therefore, it is increasingly difficult to position themselves in this environment. Consumers are beginning to get a bit fed up that everyone use Facebook and the same type of messages to reach them and to convince them that their products and services are the best.

Moreover, more and more information on the social network, so every time the brands have to compete with more elements and more sources of information to position their messages and to make stand out from all other contents published. Finally, Facebook it is becoming increasingly difficult. The algorithm that controls what appears in the news feed that does not is increasingly demanding the type of content that approves and no and valued less and less content of the marks (unless, of course, that pay for these upgrades become a sponsored update).

All this makes positioning on Facebook and reach the consumer is more and more difficult, but the fact is that not only serves to reach the news feed and cause the consumer to see the post in question. Success in Facebook is actually measure differently. Success (or not) is not measured in total numbers, but rather interactions. What makes the success or failure in Facebook is a new keyword and it is called engagement and responsiveness that consumers show the contents published on the social network.

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Getting engagement is the great concern of the brands. It is, in fact, in all social networks, but managed to position itself prominently especially Facebook, which also is a decisive engagement when it comes to success in the future element. To get to appear in the news feed of user engagement that awakens the content is very important. Can Brands force things to get better results when it comes to engagement mean? According to a study of Buzzsumo, which analyzed in 10 million and reported that 3 million updates posted on Facebook in January marks, yes you can do and there are certain elements that enhance engagement.

It is old but still works: Facebook has a schedule

When they started social networking has become an integral part of the strategy of the companies, analysts and specialized media took to make articles and analysis on what were the best times to post content and what the hours were in which was achieved better effect.

According to the findings of the study, although the question is quite old, it is still effective. Facebook also has schedules and there are times when consumers had better receive messages. According to the study, the best is published between 10 pm and midnight (local time in the audience that you want to go) because it is the best time when receiving messages. The best days to publish are on Sundays, followed by Saturday, when the best engagement is achieved actually. Based on these data, we can conclude that it is best to publish in times when consumers are released leisure.

Videos and pictures are essential

They have been demonstrating different studies and this is not far outside the stream. If you want to achieve engagement, we must go for audiovisual content. According to the study, posts or content including questions and those images are those that achieve better engagement. Similarly, videos achieve a very good answer, but this requires post videos directly on the social network. The videos that are posted directly on Facebook get six times more interactions than posted via YouTube.

Another curious fact is that Facebook content delivered to the social network via Instagram (which, let us not forget, is owned by Facebook itself) work very well. The images published through the social network achieved 23% more engagement.

Consumers are tired of shallow content

A few years ago, there was a rule and it have to follow that anyone who began to write on the Internet. If you wanted to publish content on the social networks and wanted to get consumers what they should read, it had to be very brief. No, they repeated those who taught the newcomers, read extensive content on the social networks and no one reads more than four or five paragraphs. Short paragraphs and short texts were essential for success.

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Times have changed now or are doing and consumers increasingly interested to read longer contents. However, as evidenced by the success of long forms and the success of content that succeed in Facebook as well. If you want to get a link to content succeed in the social networks, you cannot go for a little content or short paragraphs now. Links to articles between 1,000 and 3,000 words are those who want manage more interactions.

However, do not confuse things. Internet users want links to news content or informative articles, so you cannot overly informative descriptions. The descriptions of the posts have to be short if they succeed. According to the findings, less than 50 characters are best.

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