The most absurd diets that you should avoid for the summer

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Near the summer there are many who try to lose weight and thus resurface fad diets can be an effective hook that leave consequences in our body. Therefore, we show the most absurd diets that recommend avoiding for the summer.

HCG hormone diet

The hormone HCG is the characteristic during pregnancy and is called human chorionic gonadotropin. It produces an elevation of metabolism in our body of gestation but in this diet, is used to promote weight loss.

Next to an injection of the hormone HCG, bring a very poor calorie diet of course, places our body in stressful conditions and thus achieves rapid and noticeable thinning.

As we always say, lose weight in a short time and subjecting the body to stress important is never recommended, as it may increase the risk of rebound effect and leave permanent marks on our metabolism, besides being an unsustainable strategy over time.

For that and other reasons, this is an absurd at our discretion and miracle diet we should avoid the summer.

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Diet potito

Diet, as its name implies, is based on the intake of baby food or baby food, replacing a complete and regular food in our daily diet.

Daily, proposes eat 14 baby food or baby food in addition to a light with meat and vegetables dinner.

It is a diet very low in calories, which does not consider personal characteristics or special needs and is especially expensive because of the high cost of baby food.

Furthermore, it is monotonous; fiber leaves us without some micronutrients that our body needs without enough energy to take care of the dreaded rebound effect. And as if that were not enough, does not allow us to eat in society and attend events, for who eats baby food every day at every meal?

Nasogastric diet

This is in my opinion, the most unpleasant diet of all; it is to use a nasogastric tube, i.e. a tube that runs from nose to stomach food to enter our bodies.

Thus, the mouth is rendered useless because there should not be eaten nothing but infused by the probe before only 800 Kcal daily that course, they are very few and ensure rapid weight reduction.

However, it is something totally upset and for unnatural this feeding method frequently used for therapeutic purposes. And of course, does not support social meals, does not consider particulars and can be very difficult to carry out because it is very rare not to eat anything by mouth, do not feel flavors and textures of food.

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Other absurd diets

Besides the three diets before said that in my opinion, are the most absurd and not very effective for health care and lose weight for the summer.

Many of these strategies are truly amazing, such as tapeworm diet consisting swallow a parasite that consumes the energy of our body or to consume cottons that satiate but can obstruct the bowel.

They are not only absurd but also very dangerous diets that while our body can help us lose weight quickly, are not at all desirable to achieve lasting results and protect health while we get rid of the extra kilos.

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