The new Nokia focuses on 5G networks AirScale, no rush with phones

Nokia AirScale
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We have to get used to talk about a new Nokia, telephones, but present at the Mobile World Congress for several important aspects, closely related to mobile technology. The Finnish company is committed to connectivity 5G, the Internet of things, and security.

Before starting the Barcelona event, the boys of Nokia released a teaser video that invite us to think about many things – I share it then – in the end they wanted to tell us is that they have invested $350 million in various projects, Growth through Nokia Ventures.

Nokia makes clear his new position in the technological world: 5G networks, IoT and safety

That money will not stop new phones, which do not close the doors. It is intended for projects related to IoT (Internet of Things), the deployment of its 5G products, and the purchase of the Canadian company Nakina Systems, which specializes in security.

New from Nokia called AirScale, an ecosystem of products ready to roll 5G in everything that can be considered as a connected device: phone, IoT, cars, houses, etc.

AirScale can work with all connectivity technologies in the same season, from 2G to LTE Advanced Pro, to offer high-speed access points – AirScale WiFi -. Nokia tests with operator SKT downloads have been giving 19.1 Gbps.

Return to mobile

Nokia is in no hurry with phones possibly they will arrive in 2017

Nokia CEO, Rajeev Suri, has been trying to position the company since Microsoft acquired the mobile division, but the terms of the purchase were talking about the impossibility of recreating smartphones only after a period of time. We are in 2016 and things start to heat up.

Until that happens, Nokia has sold HERE mapping service to car manufacturers, and has purchased Alcatel-Lucent to be more potent in the networking business especially in 5G. They have also been playing with virtual reality, aimed at a professional market.

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What seems to not want to do is to mount the same creative organization of mobile Microsoft already sold. A Nokia you prefer the idea of using other manufacturers to make them part of the work, while they put design and brand. If you had to create something, it would be with a clear identity Nokia.

We do not want only to put the logo on the device to another has to be a Nokia. There is no hurry to find partners and do not have to be.Rajeev Suri

It had been rumored that Nokia was looking for a partner for these purposes, and later this year we had learned something, but it seems that there is no rush in this process. This was stated by the CEO, arguing that a plan was drawn ten years in 2014 to return to the relevant company. Quite possibly see Nokia 2017 phone.

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