The PC market continued its free fall in 2015

I am not too friendly with were talking about and just ending, but it is a fact that the computer market has not been spending a circumstantial disease. Sales speak for themselves, and quarter after quarter we see that the interest is lower by the public.

It will not be news, each CES event we finished we found a lot of solutions that are worthwhile, and evolve towards a new concept of computer. It seems that Windows 10 and upgrade policy is not helping, either overlap in functions of mobile devices.

If you do not believe me, go with the numbers. As usual in this world, the manufacturers are not going to tell us how the market, and compared to the rest. For that we have to resort to market scholars as consultants IDC and Gartner, who religiously we prepare reports with getting data to collect.

IDC estimates that PC sales have fallen 10.6% in the last quarter of the year we just finished, and that’s the biggest fall that occurred between years. We talked to sell 72 million computers in the quarter, remembering that in 2014 was comfortably exceeded 80 million.The PC market continued its free fall in 2015

If we look at the data from Gartner, things are better, but we call it a whack similar: sales falling 8.3% in the fourth quarter of 2014 to 2015. In units sold, Gartner tells of 75.7 millions of computers in the quarter, by 82.6 the previous year.

Fall is worrying both with respect to the data of the same period, but it is also painful to see how sales are not much better than in the summer of last year, a period that usually do not sell too, and historically not expect to end of year to get a boost in annual figures.

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Apple better passing the pothole

The bump, or the new market that manufacturers have to interpret, since one need only to look at the negative growth presented each of the major companies in this business. In the Windows world, only ASUS seems to have a more sanitized numbers. Apple seems to still their market ‘premium’ well tied.The PC market continued its free fall in 20152

A difficult autumn for computer manufacturers, in the list we see that Lenovo is still the boss in sales, a significant percentage followed by HP and Dell .The reason for the fall and we mentioned a few lines above, it appears that the strategy does not gel with Microsoft Windows 10, to which a broader update cycles of equipment that people and businesses have installed and functional must be added. The other stick they give tablets and phones that take away a lot of functionality to the PC, and people already feel comfortable using and investing each year in that.

It would be interesting to know how is running the components market, there does seem to be an increased interest from a market that wants to set up their computers, game platforms create greater opportunities than those offered by a console.

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The market in 2015

IDC data that says they are not the end have made ​​a table with the addition of all quarters for 2015. Total sales amounted to 276 million units, which is 10.4% less than last year. We talked about figures below lowest point in 2008:The PC market continued its free fall in 20153

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