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Although price is an important factor and can grow the brand in the market very quickly, it will not be enough to keep at maturity for a long time; other brands continually work with other key factors: Leadership Difference, Affinity and Fame.


Leadership begins when a brand knows that all he is willing to offer, is all that really the customer will have.Offer more account customers will quickly go to the competitor being honest and they are selling what is actually offering.

It is very important emotional connection with the customer, when people link their feelings with a brand and feel identified, repurchase and loyalty are almost insured, leading to the imminent success of the brand.

Leadership is long-term oriented, based on the experience gained in failure and in success, cannot pretend to be on top and set an example to others having only experience yesterday, it is necessary to know the market, individuals, companies, competition is necessary to know that I cannot sell only vehicles, computers or furniture, the customer wants trust, security and other values ​​that can reflect on your life.

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Clearly we all believe to be clear about the concept of “difference” in the everyday world, but in marketing the issue goes a bit further, today is strictly necessary to be different from the competition if a privileged position in the market you will, the products are so homogeneous that anyone willing to exploit their creative ability is the market leader.

When speaking of difference in many people think “best price”, “higher quality”, etc … not knowing that leading the market with these characteristics was achieved 30 years ago. The concept of innovation is one that shows that it is not only to create new things, innovation is also to add value or make a change to what already exists in today’s competitive market, the winner is the one who gets away schemes and exploit their creativity based on the needs and desires of its customers, who knows when you should make the change because all the competitors are offering the same.


More than a simple greeting or just a smile, the affinity is the ability to understand others, to generate empathy in this case with the client, to make him see that he is a very important part for the company. Each of the customers or segments that a brand possesses are equally important, so neglecting some of these can be fatal for the company and beneficial to competition, it is important to keep the attention of customers, who identify in trade and the events held, undoubtedly connect emotionally with the brand and empathy will be higher.

Gratitude is the most effective way to achieve affinity with customers, they, being the solid foundation of the company, must also feel remuneration and not necessarily the material for the work they do, whether inadvertent, to keep the mark on foot.

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There are two points in this issue:

  1. The fame and prestige, where the work has to be done to achieve this is important, is long-term and intrinsic brand values ​​play an important role in this regard, when the roots of a brand endure with the passing of the years, are the only ones in times of crisis can give a plus to get out of the situation and maintain the prestige, because “In the future, the brand values ​​will be recognized before the technology”.
  2. Fame in the sense of using celebrities (influencers) to prestige of a brand, has traditionally been successful this strategy, the users’ attention is more focused when a famous person is in front of a commercial, people are identified as being consumer of that brand and surely the “word of mouth” will do its part.Significantly, this type of advertising is very expensive and that makes a strong financial muscle are those who opt for this type of promotion.

You may make your brand generates confidence, differentiate your competitors, reflect and inspire the values ​​and thus achieve desired position in the market. Remember that almost all companies without a high budget start. Want to know how? You must stay connected.

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