The difficulty of managing a budget

Managing a budget
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One of the most difficult issues to get when going from adolescence to adulthood is learning how to manage a budget, and that’s not a random or casual question, but rather due to the myriad of offerings on the market in actuality. Continuing the reflection does anyone remember when the last time you bought something “normal” price was? Everything is sold at a discount; all offered in packs and, therefore, it is increasingly difficult to resist purchasing or hiring products and / or services that are often not even needed.

With the economic problems that exist globally and bass realignment that have salaries recent times, few budgets that hold the ravages of bids, especially when one encounters dates for excellence associated with purchases disproportionate and part of American business practices as “Black Friday” or the same “Cyber ​​Monday”, both dates outside the traditional “Christmas” virtually compel you save all year to buy products with discounts unthinkable, but how many sometimes get buy without borrow excessively? Rarely, and that’s the problem.

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If revenues are not many, but the offerings are varied, safe use “plastic” will be the place to acquire instrument whatever you want without even thinking about how it affects the “quota” of the end of the month the budget that account, but does that make any kind of control? Certainly, but it involves research and making decisions, which is not always done when purchased with the “stomach” and not the “head”.

The problem is not to buy, but rather not knowing how to manage the budget. It is not meanderings by any particular ideology or restricts the consumption of products and / or services that meet the needs they have – essential and non-essential – but rather how, when and where. So, if you want to take advantage of offers around Christmas time, how you should buy? If the monthly budget is referred you may decide whether to buy using credit cards or using personal loans online, for example.

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The credit cards have the advantage of being accepted worldwide, be simple to operate and be on hand, but how should we use them? Certainly not, because often the partners are not suitable interests and, moreover, enable one not borrow more than necessary to have a “credit” available and not subject to condition. Meanwhile, online loans have the benefit of allowing managing major purchases in exchange for a single payment rather than several (even if it is purchased in various parts).

The decision is personal, but for me the choice is clear, “I had rather know how to spend and pay a fixed fee, before opting for my credit card and pay a fee involving the sum of all purchases made​​” to say nothing of the monthly interest, credit or default if you do not pay on time.

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