The risks of USB flash drives, loss of confidential business information

USB flash drives
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The USB drives are perhaps the physical tools to convey information most used by users and also by businesses. But with an irresponsible use, they can become a security risk for the company. His loss may result in the loss of confidential data. In fact, half of the firms acknowledge having lost, at some point, a private content.

A study by Kaspersky Labs among those responsible for Information Technology of small and medium enterprises is eloquent: 50% of firms acknowledge having lost USB drives with sensitive information. It is the most common form of misplacing content of this type, and then they lost 48% office and 42% sensitive data folders.

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Technological advances also bring new ways to expose, dangerously, the data of the company. In fact, 21% of the companies surveyed in our country have lost business smartphone, laptop in 13% of cases and tablets by 12%. There are much more likely to leak and is for that reason that we must take extra security measures.

Our fellow of technology tips, adapted to this report Kaspersky were made, recommend a mixed method for transferring data: a portable encryption program (and increases security) to the most sensitive content, and the rest memory normal.

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The alternative to this transfer of data across physical devices such as USB drives is cloud computing, with tools like Evernote, which has been analyzed in these same lines. However, as has already been said on occasion, it is a model that, despite progress, still in the security holes your main workhorse.

Rapid technological development increases the devices and therefore the risks of exposing important data of the company. Every precaution is little to prevent further problems.

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