The six essential fashion you should have in your closet before 30

The six essential fashion
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They are essential, but are also they will keep using all your life. If you choose well your basic, they can become future investments. We review the six most interesting

Trench coats, jeans, handbags, dancers… or once and you have fulfilled. Nor have there that overwhelmed! They are essential in almost any wardrobe of any age, but the fact is that around 30, you should have them. In addition, no, basic does not mean boring or rancid. The basic are only a kind of canvas leave … And you should think that your life increasingly focuses more on labor issues than personal. That is, with these 6 essential you could leave windy almost any situation. Only it depends on the occasion and how you want to wear.

1 – A good trench: The trench coat lifetime, come on. If you could afford it, of course, the ideal would get one of Burberry, those that you will last forever. However, if not, you can find pieces quite well done and with that classic cut, in places like Mango or Zara. Do you think it is too classic for you? Well, try it with jeans and a sport, or biker boots. You will see the result. In addition, it is one of those versatile garments that take you out of any trouble. What have a formal dinner and not have anything to wear on your wedding night? Then put on a ‘trench’: I put it on the shoulders and not need anything else. What I want out of night with your friends? Adds ripped jeans and heels to your ‘trench’. The possibilities are endless.

2 – A pair of jeans: At this point in the life insurance you know you and find some good jeans is something akin to finding the love of your life or to return home after a long and exhausting vacation. I will never disappoint and never find anything more comfortable.  Look for the best you go, and that is a task in which nobody can help you; only advise. However, when you find them, you know they are. In blue, black, gray, biker inspiration, skinny, straight … Each body and each style is going a person, but surely, some cigarettes will be your inseparable companions. Well combined with some dancers and ‘blazer’ will give you a ‘look’ perfect to go to the office. However, they also serve you for any other event in your agenda. I said essential.

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The six essential fashion
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3 – A white shirt: Of course, you never find the time to invest in one, because trends can you. In addition, you always think, “How boring!” Well it changes chip, because it is one of those lifeguards that also serve for all. It is essential to be good cotton used not seem anything more to release it. With ‘blazer’ jeans, outside, inside, with a long skirt, with a mini and out, with a maxi on her collar. If all the basics are like canvases, white shirt it is par excellence.

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4 – Some dancers: But very carefully, because they are addictive and when you least expect it, you have succumbed to its charm good girl. However, do not be fooled by appearances. Miranda Kerr, a whole style guru, has them all types and form part of its core. It is true that you get a ‘look’ a little childish and even classic. In return, you can play with them. Of course, a bi-color Chanel is more than a treasure, but need not leave your salary in them. If you can, have basic bet on black or navy, and another pair with a special touch, for example, tacks, details fluoride or even ‘animal print’.  In addition, mix them playing contrasts. Why not take some dancers leopard print suit jacket with your office?

5 – A gem: As in the case of other basic, of course, invest in a jewel, with a capital, it is a dream for anyone.However, you, you can still allow also has a twist .That is classic but with a ‘twist’: a snakehead, colored stones, tacks, a skull … or to play with the size, in XL version, with different shades of pink and yellow gold. In addition, there are more options from haute jewelry to jewelry only gold plated. Therefore, you have no excuse. Oh, and one thing yellow or pink gold is no longer just for Forties.

6 – A bag really: Of those that go with everything and serve almost for all occasions.Of those who simply open shoulder to be practically dressed: almost no matter the rest of your clothing.  They are not many who can give you that status, so choose well, because sometimes it is cheaper to invest once in a classic piece to buy several cheaper, in the end, together, come out much more expensive. You can start with the economic models of firms such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, CH Carolina Herrera…

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