The success of a website starts with good analysis

Website Analysis
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The starting point for optimizing our website in order to increase traffic and get better results is a thorough web analysis that allows us to easily discover our weaknesses.

Today, thanks to big data our analysis and forecasts can be much more reliable, so we have a great advantage that will allow us to anticipate the market. But what is a web analysis? There are many aspects that we analyze, among them four: presentation, visibility, security and speed. They are the key to a quality web analytic.

Design and Layout: Today more than ever we must take into account this aspect. We must pay attention not only to have a website that is visually beautiful and attractive. Currently, users can access our website from different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone), so we must ensure proper display in all of them. So important is this aspect, which since last year Google penalizes those sites whose design is not suitable for mobile devices.

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Visibility in search engines: Can we have a great design, but useless if customers cannot find us, if we cannot get leads. A good position in search engines ensures our web traffic, so we must pay close attention to SEO. To improve this aspect, it is not even necessary to make a great investment because it can even serve free SEO tools.

Security: Especially if our website includes a section on e-Commerce, it is very important that our website is secure and convey this image to those who visit. Otherwise, it will not be possible to convert our leads into customers. Improving security can be easier than it looks thanks to Cloud Server one set to your projects and multiple data privacy tools that can be used either as users or developers.

Speed: On the first point we talked about the need to have a website with an attractive design, but we must never let go of loading speed on our website. If our website is very beautiful, but it is slow, leads to much work has led us to expect they will get tired and choose to go to another site. Consequently, perform speed tests on a regular basis, and act on it, is vital to a successful website.

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The web analytic tools not only address these and other factors so we can see what our strengths and areas where we have problems, but usually also go further and we propose solutions to these problems are. Finally, we must not overlook either not enough to make an initial analysis to create our website. As is the case with our health, we must conduct periodic checks of the effectiveness of our website and act accordingly. This is one of the mistakes that a lot of companies, but especially with the plethora of free resources at our disposal, we cannot allow it to be ours!

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