The value of exchange trading

Exchange trading
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The main components of the negotiation are: presentation of expectations, perceptions verify explore alternative options exchange, approach and closure.

The main component is the exchange and our ability to manage our interests favor, although it is true that if we do not prudently can block or even break the negotiation.

How to manage exchange trading

Presentation of expectations and demands

It is important to present our greatest expectations applying the technique of Mini-Max, Edmund Jandt, according to the question: What is the most I can ask without risking the negotiation? In fact, if the proposal is disproportionate force us to make significant concessions in the early stages of the exchange leaving us in a vulnerable situation.

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It is to copy what the politicians are based on some arguments but consistent with his ideas. When using many arguments, some of them do not have the same consistency, which uses the other hand to attack our arguments.

Focus our exhibition

It is proved that in communication processes people focus their attention and remember more accurately what is said at the beginning and end of the presentations they have heard. When you start what appears to be treated and, in the end, a summary of the main aspects of his proposal is made.


The presentation should use the arguments consistency and credibility to our proposal. It is best documented by press reports, contracts and previous payments, third party references, etc.

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Explanations, reasons and conclusions

Our behavior when we hear something that we do not agree is, first, to express our disagreement and; then the reasons and arguments on which we rely.

This process is wrong because what we do is bring forward our findings, allowing other hand wing begins to prepare his defense. The right thing is to present and analyze the reasons and, ultimately, express conclusions. With this, an image of reflection that contributes to the exchange and persuasion projects.

If handled properly exchange trade successfully achieve because the other party show our readiness for agreement which will favor the successful negotiation.

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