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Online business
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When one begins to schedule the launch of its online business cares for optimal design of the Web, find the best suppliers and hosting a solvent to provide us with an adequate quality of service.

Once this is done all the time to drive traffic to our website and reach all those conversions we have in mind.

How to get traffic

Short term traffic

The best alternative you have is to use the PPC or CPC (Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click). The usual redesigns are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Bing Ads. Pay per click guarantees fast and qualified traffic, provided you choose good keywords and targeting of campaigns.

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Another short-term alternative is paying to advertise on blogs, magazines or media which appear either through reviews as through banners.

Traffic medium – long term

In this case, it is best:

  • Organic positioning (SEO): SEO on page, contents and Linkbuilding
  • Positioning on social networks. These sources are not usually direct conversion (not for all products), but they can help us to get to know us new users to communicate with them, to customer service, to launch promotions and loyalty.
  • E-mailings: The best way to get registered users is encourage registration, either with discounts, promotions or gifts, etc., people like getting free stuff and are willing to leave your email to get them.
  • Referral traffic: Getting other websites talk about us and link us is a very good source of qualified traffic, provided that such websites match our theme and have our target users.
  • Direct traffic: People who already knows you and that goes directly into your page.This is the best traffic. Do not have to sell anything, you do not have costs capture and convert well.

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In short, to get-to-get that traffic, you have to spend time and come into play also other factorizes as a good price, good service and a good reputation online and implantation strategies and programs that encourage repeat purchase.

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