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Iconic bags
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We all know what bag is talking about when we hear the word or numbers Birkin 2.55. And it is that behind each of these jewels with handles there is an event that makes it even more amazing. If you’ve ever wondered what the story Loewe Amazon or the Lady Dior, here we explain them all.

Hermès, Dior, Loewe, Chanel … Reyes fashion and an empire that goes beyond that, fortunate those that possess one and a dream for which we long for touch them. How many times have you stopped to look at them as they passed their windows? If you love you too, do not miss this article and discover the legend behind them.

Hermès Birkin

Originally this bag was the interpretation of a saddle bag that matched the horse to carry accessories rider, but Jane Birkin wanted a bag in which could carry your entire universe and for it was created in 1984. The most quoted is the forty centimeters and requires twenty-five hours manufacturing and years of waiting the best way to understand what a Birkin for women of average world explains Lauren Weisberger (“the devil wears Prada”) in its latest best-seller, “How to be as New York”: “o-der, but you’re seeing Elisa that- squealed. I looked back to find an ungainly girl in jeans and straight hair pretty average. Who is it? – I asked … -¡No is “who” is “what” … Are you kidding? Do You need glasses? Do not you see … my God, is irresistible, it’s amazing, it is a crocodile skin Birkin, the rarest of all … – “why?” – asked … -Habrás heard of Hermès … of course, my uncle has ties that mark … Well far more important than the ties, a thousand times more prestigious is the Birkin … Yes, it’s a lovely bag … no is no placket Bette, it’s a way of life, I would pay without thinking if I could get me one … it’s not you understand, it’s not a bag is a statement of principles, defines you as a person, it is a reason to live. “The Birkin is not the only bag with the name there is also own … Kelly, in honor of the princess of Monaco, who during her pregnancy hid her belly with a lovely bag Hermès.

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Chanel 2.55

Few people know that the iconic bag Chanel takes to name a number that looks like a code. However, it corresponds to the date of birth of own bag: February 1955. It is unmistakable with its intertwined to leather chains, its padded leather “matelassé” and closing with double C. Coco Chanel pioneer in all, it was the first to impose elegant shoulder bag version. So far this type of bag with long strap only wore military, hunters and riders in the form of scrip. But Coco decided that women should bring your hands-free and move comfortably as its own phrase, “I’m sick of having to carry handbag; I just losing it, so I take over the shoulder and the seam satisfied.” It did not even missing that it collapse one starlet or people either to make it the most timeless, universal and coveted bag history of fashion. Little do they know their fans or the lucky owners of 2.55 is that to get the fine detail, its three pockets bellows inside pocket dedicated to the lipstick, her silk linings or skin and its protective zipper save money or love letters hundred eighty different manipulations are needed.

Loewe Amazona

1975 is the release date of Amazona bag Loewe, the first bag unlined, recognizable among all thanks to the aristocratic anagram of Madrid’s home, now wave LVMH. Amazona also forward to the nineties, when bags occupied the site of perfumes as vedettes of luxury brands If classic is understood as imposing its authority escapes the ravages of time, it laughs absolutely trends do not last more than a season, the Amazona bag Loewe, reinterpreted each season crocodile, snake, patent leather, apart from the inimitable Spanish Nappa, is the classic of classics and especially the magic formula of good taste to Spanish. Ago thirty-four years was born a legend aimed exclusively at women French May, a woman who defies convention and wants a new luxury to take the clock and every day of the week. A spacious, flexible, unlined bag, which in its first version the most sumptuous Nappa hides and reveals the most delicate to the world. Of course entirely handcrafted and full of small details of the Spanish DNA: its four metal nails Andalusian doors, gold and brown color code of Castilian lands and anagram emblazoned as the currency of the bulls.

Dior Lady Dior

Lady Di paced the present offered by the house Dior for children’s hospitals and official visits to foreign countries. Photos, bag in hand, published by the press, and went around the world. Paradoxes of life: both the bag and the woman who wore it have become, over time, into icons. Nobody questions the passion aroused bags, proof of this simple figure: 200 are the daily requests receiving company dedicated to rent luxury handbags SacDeLuxe. Simply an appearance on the arm of a movie star and model in question demands soar. In the success of Lady Dior, she had much to see that first woman who took her: Lady Di. In September 1995, Diana attends in Paris at an exhibition at the Grand Palais. Bernadette Chirac, the wife of the then mayor of the City of Light, asked Dior making an exclusive gift for the princess. The result was this bag, a classic French house that has been renovated over the years. The padded leather (inspired by the chairs of Louis XV design), two short handles with washers and hanger with the initials of the house are its hallmarks. In 1996 Dior asked Diana her name to baptize her: she said yes. It was the beginning of the legend…

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G-Bag Tod’s

The brand is especially known for its famous gommino shoes, but unquestionably the savoir-faire of Italians in the manufacture of bags: for some women who have a Tod’s know they have a partner for life. Functional and practical, is an accessory that goes from fashion and which, it seems, either over time. the Italian brand is synonymous with comfort, excellent materials, tasteful, elegant … that and much more are summarized in what is the new commitment of Tod’s ahead this spring: Tod’s G-Bag, a large model, chic, versatile, adorned with equestrian details and topped by hand, as you know only do master craftsmen. It is thought the image of the modern woman (something the ambassador is Gwyneth Paltrow), who seeks this accessory is, above all, comfortable. Metalized on all skin types, even exotic ones like the python or crocodile, and a palette as broad: toasted, cognac, magenta, blue, yellow, purple … vanguard elements that combine with tradition, quality and that special flavor typical of Made in Italy. An explosion of light that illuminate the day and make our most beautiful arms … even if it fits!

Louis Vuitton speddy

The bag as an imperishable items, such as time travel, as a flashback … All these connotations are associated with Louis Vuitton, an artist which began precisely on foot, marching from her hometown to Paris in 1837, where the displacements railroad had increased the demand for manufacturers and packagers trunks. Today her creations are still traveling … Some models become the flagship of the company that manufactures and this is the case of Speedy. It is the little brother of the Keepall small to be smaller but no less successful: her name. It refers to the globetrotter who restlessly roams the planet. Fireproof, versatile, it is a bag that has no age. In the 60s, he became a bag fourre-tout, or to carry anything, and today continues to war, reinvented in a thousand versions adapted to the times They are running, but without giving up the quality that only the king of the trunks knows print on their products. From the legendary Speedy fabric Monogram Louis Vuitton, imitated and a best seller in equal parts, to the redesigned model by the guru Marc Jacobs, is undoubtedly an eternal value, a museum piece, a real collector’s item.

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