The worst question on a date

worst question on a date
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Last Friday I was meeting with a group of professional coach that is dedicated to the relationships and talking about the first appointments came to mind what was the worst question on a date and almost all agree on the typical question: And you, why are you single? If I ever make you this question on a first date you have to do is not to be defensive and put a little humor into it saying, why are you still single? If you are there on a date with someone more likely that person will also be as well to respond to the same question and laugh while you do it. This will make the other person or unwilling to respond or the absurdity of the question.

At that point you can both laugh at the sentimental failures by those who have passed. But if you really want to answer my advice is to be honest, tell him of course you had more relationships which have not worked, they now want to be sure what you choose and why is being a little more complicated because you no longer settle for anything, who enjoy being single and you’re not going to change their marital status to be sure that your choice is correct, the old saying: better alone than in bad company.

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Or say you’ve been busy and focused on your professional life and have not prioritized romantic relationships in your life, but you’re glad to have made ​​time for him and to know him.

Another occasion where that question comes up is on vacation, when you’re with family or wedding of a friend to whom you come one and all look at you and say so beautiful you are, why you’re single?, it seems an innocent question but what encloses is what kind of tare must not allow you dating? In such a situation you have to do is answer you’re single because you chose to be, are waiting for Mr. Right, it’s not easy to find and do not settle for less, just go out with men who meet your expectations because you do not like wasting time. While you answer adds something humorous and so know that you really are single by choice, and you’re very happy and will no longer ask that.

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There’s nothing wrong with being single, well if you want to travel and all your friends have partners there are groups and travel agencies where they travel single women and couples not to know, but to know new places, new cultures … so enjoy your singleness and nobody makes you think that something bad happens to you for being single, maybe it’s the other people settle for less but you have very clear ideas and just looking for the exceptional.

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