There are 4 types of investor, what are you?

4 types of investor
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Succeed as an investor depends largely on the ability to know oneself. Our personality profoundly influences as well as our lifestyle and short-term and long-term.

The type of investor is determined according to the amount and type of risk you are willing to run. The risk depends, in turn, a number of factors such as age, if you are single or has a family and how many members it has, what are the expectations of savings and the time scheduled, among others.

We examine the four main types of investors, to try to better locate your profile…

1) Daredevil or danger challenger

There are investors who like to take big risks in order to obtain high profits in a very short period. Usually it is young people and although sometimes they can achieve their goals, it often happens that lives in a constant instability and can lose more than you win.

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2) Audaz

It is, generally, young investors who have also economic strength and moderate to high income. Usually they are single people or even childless, aged between 30 and 40 years old.

This type of investor is at risk in the markets and opts for instruments that promise the highest returns, regardless of whether at a given moment you risk losing most of the money invested.

Such people prefer portfolios that combine investment in equity funds, debt and short, medium and long term.

3) Moderate

As its name suggests, the moderate investor tends to be cautious with your decisions, but also if necessary take risks in order to maximize their profits. Often is a person with stable income, which may be moderate or even high.

For this type of investors they diversified portfolios are suggested, with instruments in the medium and long term. The percentage of variable debt funds is lower than in the bold investor and prefers debt bonds.

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4) Conservative

Investors with conservative profiles seek to have more or less stable profits without running almost any risk. Although yields on their investments are not very high, looking not worry at all about risking what you have saved.

Being a conservative investor is perhaps not the best strategy to maximize savings or to have extra income as such, but it can be a good option to avoid tensions and long-term savings.

It is essential to remember that there are intermediate points in all prototypes, and throughout our lives changed our investment profile according to the possibilities and needs.

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